September 26th, 2008

Don't Utter A Single Word

Five points to whomever gets this headline.

Anyway, a Gawker story got me thinking about something I've wondered before.

They reference their "diaphragm."

And I've got to say that diaphragms are something I've always considered somewhat mythical. You read about them in The Maltese Falcon and in various period pieces from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, but do they actually exist in 2008 America?

Seriously, in roughly 20 years of fucking I've never been with a single girl who used one. Beyond that I've never had a single female friend who used one - and of this I'm sure because I'm generally close to my female friends and have heard them talk about pill problems, broken condoms and lots of assorted shit, but not one has ever mention the D word.

So what's the case?

Has anyone ever used one or known someone other than grandma who has used one?

The Drunk Ex Pat Writer wants to know, on the Q.T. and very, very hush hush.


I find the idea of Barney Frank trying to talk Republicans into accepting a Bush proposal to be very amusing.

Of course, Rome Girl and I have it easy - we can watch the financial crisis and not be effected by it.

We pretty much write ads for porn, ads for get rich quick schemes and relationship advice stuff.

And the thing is that no matter what the state of the economy some women will want to buy books on how to get a boyfriend, some men will want to buy books about how to get laid, people will pay money for fetish porn and get rich quick schemes actually do better when the economy is fucked.

Hell Freezes Over

Guns N' Roses long awaited studio album 'Chinese Democracy' will be released on November 25th.

The album, which has been in production for over 14 years, will be available exclusively in Best Buy stores.

The band's manager, Andy Gould, informed 900 employees at the retail store this week, before playing them three songs from the record.

Gould is also reported to have informed them that a new song, 'If The World', will feature in the forthcoming movie, Body of Lies, which stars Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio.

'Chinese Democracy' is understood to have cost frontman Axl Rose $2milllion to make.

Earlier this year, drinks company Dr Pepper promised each American citizen a free drink if the band released the album before the end of 2008.