September 23rd, 2008

Tech Thing

So I posted a link to my T-shirts in the LJ Child Free Community.

The response I got was that they love the shirts, but that the text is too small.

Anybody have any idea how to fix that?

Rome Girl made the JPEGs because she has more technical skills than I do - but neither of us can figure out how to make the text bigger in Cafe Press.

If anyone wanted to do this, I'd be happy to cut you in on a buck a shirt sold and/or trade some other type of favor involving something I actually know how to do.

General advice is also welcome and would also be rewarded with favors.



From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

editor needed

this is a novel written by a non-native english speaker (english is their 6th language) and so it needs work to make sure it's grammitically correct but at the same time the writer is very poetic and it's important not to be so grammitacally correct as to remove the character of the author, this is a book aimed at children but hopefully will cross over to adults as well, it needs to be rearranged quite a bit and the author is very happy for the book to be completely changed if it will help sell the book, there is a lot of freedom with this novel for whoever takes the job, alot of work needs to be in shaping the characters and finding an effective focus for the narrative, it is however an exciting book to read and whoever takes up the challenge will enjoy the work

Budget: Less than $500

From The Freelance Job Boards Part Two

Project Description:

Sales Letter Needed

I own the resale rights to a data CD which tells people how easy & what fabulous results they can obtain making their own shampoo and conditioners at home. It is full of shampoo & conditioner recipes. They can also have great fun getting their kids involved.

It would also be a great Stocking Filler for Christmas.

The Blacks And The Gays

The International Herald Tribune had an interesting article yesterday about an odd electoral development.

As you may or may not know, there is a proposition on the ballot in California this November that would change the state constitution to ban gay marriages.

At first, people thought there was no chance it would pass, but now the gays are getting worried.

Why are they worried?

Because of Obama.

It seems that the gays are convinced that Obama being on the ballot will bring out tons of black voters - and they think that black voters are so homophobic that they will vote in the gay marriage ban.

This is a phenomena I've noticed while working on gay sites over the years - white gay men are convinced that blacks hate the gays. Why this is so, I have no idea. You'd think that statistically just as many black men would like the cock as white men. And, you'd assume that blacks would have some understanding and sympathy for civil rights issues.

But, the gays aren't convinced. They think that, if anything, black gays are more likely to be anti-gay than any others.

The gays on the sites I work on, constantly say that almost every time they pick up a black dude in a bar he's in the closet and has a wife at home - and that when they run into the same dude outside of a gay bar, he's always the one talking shit about the gays.

Why this happens, I'm not sure. I guess it could be that blacks already feel marginalized in American society and don't want to take on a secondary marginalization. Or it could simply be that homosexuality is less tolerated in the black community.

It has to be a huge conundrum if you are a liberal democrat in California this year. You want to get out the vote in the black communities to increase Obama's chances of getting the bazzillion electoral votes the state has.

But, do you want to do so at the expense of the civil liberties of millions of the state's citizens?

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