September 19th, 2008

Miss Sinformation

Nerve used to be a great site. Now it sucks.

But there is still one cool feature - Miss Information - who gives funny and awesome sex advice without the weird fear of pussy that is so evident in Dan Savage's latest posts.

Now, she's got her own clothing line that is fucking awesome as well.

"Ask me about my lady boner" is my fave, but you should check them all out.

They rock, they roll, they are cooler than mink stoles.


Texas Freelance Lead

I know there are a lot of Texas folks on my friends list, so I figured I'd pass this on.

Project Description:

Houston Expat Guide.

Expat Info Desk is a consulting company specialized in supporting expatriates moving into a new country by giving them practical information not easily available.
Usually targeting top executives of major international companies, we have decided to widen our customer base by going on-line. Our website,, is aimed at expatriate-to-be people looking for information about the country / city they are to relocate.

Information will be delivered in the form of reports specialized by city. Traditional guidebooks are usually aimed at tourists and contain very little useful information for someone settling down in a new country. Information delivered by reports should:
- answer all the practical questions raising during a transfer to a new country/city (where can I get a mobile phone? where can I send my kids to school? should I learn the local language? how much tax am I going to pay? etc…)
- be very operational, ie giving names and contact details on all aspects of the life of an expatriate

We are not focused at helping our customers finding a job in a foreign country, but at helping them moving once they have a job. Information should be aimed at customers from different nationalities (our customers are mainly from North America and Europe, but we also have customers from other part of the world).

We are looking for a writer with significant travel writing experience and strong research skills. He should have a very practical mind and be able to put himself in the shoes of an expatriate moving with his whole family into a city he does not know. The quality and accuracy of the information is as important as the writing style.

Strong preference will be given to bidders who are currently living in Houston or have lived in Houston in the past year.

The report should be 40-50 pages long (Times New Roman 12) and should cover the following topics:
 Visa
 Accommodation
 Food
 Communication
 Transport
 Shopping
 Leisure
 International schools
 Clubs and organizations
 Medical facilities / Health system
 Administrative tasks
 Tax system
 Domestic help
 Language
 Traditions / Savoir-vivre / Local customs
 Cost of living summary
 Recommended resources

A detailed report structure as well as a copyright contract will be communicated to the best 2 bidders for them to fully understand the extend of the work to be done before accepting the job. Once paid, the reports will belong to our company that will have full right to publish/edit it.


Blonde Lesbian was back in town for the day with her Stevie Nicks Lookalike Girlfriend. Lots of other people were out including both halves of Woody Allen Film reference.

Loads of drinking was done by all and we hired the lesbians for the Barcelona part of the great toilet freelance job.

This means that over the next two weeks there are going to be teams of gay men and women of various nationalities poking around and photographing all of the public toilets of European tourist sites. I think that Rome Girl may have hired a token straight girl, but in general it's going to be an international gay toilet fest.

I wonder what Homeland Security and Interpol will make of this.