September 16th, 2008

Fuck Lehman

As far as I can tell the people at Lehman aren't working anymore.

They are simply going to Craigslist and either posting rants against the company and/or asking for casual sex during working hours.

The real surprise here is that I thought that all these banker types were straight white men, but there are a shitload of M4M and F4F Lehman postings here.

This is my favorite of the straight ones.

White, blond and blues, 30s, banker, all the background, education blah blah blah that means little today as our world collapses a bit today. Let's leave the mopers and go somewhere and find a room, catch a concert, drink a bit and fuck. A lot. If you need some $, maybe a thousand to pay last week's rent, I got you covered. I don't care if you have a significant other or not. I do care that you're healthy, no need to be wealthy, wise is good. An appreciation for existentialism helps, but admiration for Will Farell suffices today. Send me a pic. I'll answer. We can meet at Starbucks, watch them charge us $4.02 for a drink and give us 98 cents in change...with a straight face...and go forward from there. Take a chance!

In The Crapper

Oh Shit!

We got the toilet hunting job.

We are doing it for like seven cities. Rome Girl knows unemployed gay boys in each of those cities and is going to get them to do the toilet searches.

Then we'll split the money with them.

Talk about hustling for money!


If anyone knows anyone who'd be willing to get paid to find and take pictures of public toilets in Paris, Barcelona or Madrid let me know.

We've got the other cities covered.

First come, first served.