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September 14th, 2008

So Fucking Happy With This Quiz Result

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:


I am looking for someone to provide 1000 - 1500 articles per month on a regular basis for the next 4-5 months.


Word Count: 300 words/article
Topics: Variety of topics - business, finance, sports, travel, services etc.

The articles are intended for driving traffic. However, we are not looking for articles stuffed with keywords. We need moderately researched, meaningful articles. Please note that we will not accept spammy / keywords stuffed articles.

We expect the writer to write the page title and meta description along with the 300 word content.

Expected price: $3 per article.

Looking forward to receiving bids.

Deep Thoughts

Has the GOP actually said that Bristol Palin isn't a virgin? As far as I can tell all we have on the record is that she's pregnant. But I'm told that according to the predominant religion of the Republican Party virgin births are not unknown.

Spit Roasted

So, what's your favorite title from the top 50 bestselling straight porn DVDs this week?

"Blackzilla Splitin' That Shitter 2" amuses me as does "Oh No! There's A Negro In My Mom 2" and "Monster Cock Fuckfest 9."

For The Ladies

I like to be fair and figure that given all the Lohan photos I post for dudes to drool over, I might as well give back to the ladies.

Of course, I have no basis of knowing what women like other than asking Rome Girl. I've noticed over time that she really likes Daniel Radcliffe and with him opening on Broadway this week there are a ton of new photos of him - including an Annie Liebowitz nude shot.

So, ladies, for your viewing pleasure, two G-rated Danny shots and one X-rated one under the cut.



Danny's Magic Wand.Collapse )

The County Judge Held A Grudge

Guitar Hero World Tour will feature Wings' "Band On The Run."

Is there seriously anyone in the world who wants to spend hours learning how to play that song on Guitar Hero?

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