September 10th, 2008


For three years now I've been searching for something everyone who reads my blog can agree on.

I've finally found it.

Nobody wants to fuck Mick Mars.

So, now the question is: Who has already posted or can come up with the best comment about Mr. Mars?

Here are the current contenders:

donnalee_kiss "the beard is not his friend."

sageautumn "I'd take all three of the others before I'd be with Mick Mars. Ugh"

Random Anonymous Poster: "he's realllly creepy. And not in a "so creepy he's hot" sort of way like Dave Navarro, just in a "ew, I want to take a bath" way."

sushis "what the fuck is with that facial hair?"

kill_the_onions "I'd be very worried that Mr. Mars would put my eye out with that beard of his. :("

absolute_tash "He looks like a bad Fu Manchu propaganda cartoon."

st_andrews_girl "Absolutely unfuckable. And I can find something appealing about pretty much anyone."

monkey1976 "mick is a swamp monster."

estranged_rose "I happily sign up to fuck all three members of the band that are not Mick Mars."

Which comment is your fave and can you do better? I'm posting another pic to see if him without facial hair helps!


From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

I was explaining to my wife about the global economy and outsourcing. I told her anything could be outsourced. She challenged, what about a love letter? So here we are. I am looking for someone to write a love letter to my wife from me. I would like it to be (1) 8.5x11 page containing girlie content and in the middle I would like 4 line poem. I would like this love letter signed with my name and mailed to her. Her birthday is next week so I would like to to be received in southern California by 9/18. Please include cost of mailing in bid. I would appreciate some creative design on the look and feel of the letter, but it is not required. It can be written on plain paper and mailed in a regular envelope. Winning bidder will be provided personal information about our lives and can call me directly for an interview


While trying to research the Male Chastity Belt Guide today I stumbled upon the Erotic Eunuch Site.

It's for dudes who fantasize about having their balls and/or cocks removed and the people who want to have sex with them.

Safe for work, unless dirty words will get you in trouble.


Is today the day that that weird particle accelerator might eat the Earth?

Anyone know if it got turned on?

Death Magnetic Review

I've had the new Metallica album for about a week - even though it won't be available for sale until Friday.

Since then I've listened to it on my computer speakers, Rome Girl's better Ipod stereo and the Bose speakers at the Vert Anglais.

There are only a couple things to say about it.

1. Yes, it's much, much fucking better than St. Anger.

2. As Rome Girl points out it's mixed like a punk album with the drums pushed way outfront.

3. Unforgiven 3 is the best song on the album.

4. The overall sound is like "...and Justice For All" mixed with "The Black Album"

5. The biggest fault is that it can't decide if it wants to be a pop sounding Metallica album or a hardcore Metallica album.

6. The biggest strength is that it can't decide if it wants to be a pop sounding Metallica album or a hardcore Metallica album.

7. The song "Cynanide" is awesome.