September 9th, 2008

Lowest Common Denominator

The other night at the Vert Anglais a discussion broke out over who is "the attractive member of Motley Crue."

Yes, lots of alcohol led up to this conversation. The interesting thing is that while everyone agreed that none of them were Brad Pitt hot every girl had one who they considered "still shagable."

There was no clear choice on which one was preferable (though Tommy Lee had a slight advantage, there were almost as many girls who were Nikki Sixx fans.)

So, I'm going to throw it out with recent pictures of all of them. Yes, I know that it's more than possible that you girls and gays wouldn't want to fuck any of them, but if you had to fuck one, which would it be?

And, bonus question, which would you least like to fuck?

1. Mick Mars


2. Nikki Sixx


3. Vince Neil


4. Tommy Lee


Chrome Is Cumming

In all the hoopla over Chrome, the new Google created web browser, many people have failed to mention the "Incognito" feature built into it.

It's really quite simple, you can set it at various levels. One level would automatically remove all evidence of porn and dating sites from your browser history.

This is why it will be the most popular browser in history. It's a teenagers dream.

Of course, some employers are worried about this.

But, I say they can't fuck with progress.