September 8th, 2008

Donna Martin Graduates

Ok, so I finally downloaded and watched the first two episodes of the new 90210.

"You are such a fucking girl sometimes," was Rome Girl's horrified comment when I suggested we watch it tonight.

Anyway, I've always loved 90210 and am not ashamed of it (and still want to give Tiffany Amber Thieson 20,000 babies) so I put my foot down and turned it on.

My general thoughts.

1. I'd like to see more Shannon Dougherty - but only if she's a nutjob again. Brenda Walsh being a good girl and doing the right thing is boring. Brenda Walsh being a selfish whiny psychopath is a good thing. They better bring out the claws in the next few episodes.

2. I'm clearly missing the time line here. The old 90210 ended with Kelly Taylor leaving Brandon at the alter and that was like 10 years ago. So, how does she happen to have Brandon's 4 and a half year old son now?

3. I love that the dude from Silk Stalkings is the dad. Rock on Rob Estes. Rock the fuck on.

4. What do you think the relationship is going to be between the blog girl and David Silver? There has to be one since she insists on being called "Silver" even though that's not her real name. Also David Silver stirred up trouble with his radio broadcasts and now s he's doing it with her blog. She must be his illegitimate daughter or something.

5. When did La Crosse become a big high school sport? I've clearly been out of America too long.

6. The Peach Pit is still a skanky nightclub! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

7. I love that the dialogue is still awful and trashy. If they had tried to make this more modern and intellectual it would have been a total fail.

8. I really feel bad for the dude who had to walk home alone to play with his pentapuss.

9. If you are wealthy enough to be 16 and have your own private jet do you really go to public school?

10. Please, please please have Luke Perry show up in a future episode - but have him be really fat and bald.

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

What I need done:

A fictional book about a libertarian country that struggles to survive in a World filled with so many non-free countries.

The libertarian country was founded primarily upon the philosophy and principles of Ayn Rand, classical liberalism, limited government, many of the original founding ideals of America, etc. Personal freedom & responsibility.

The conflict:

The libertarian nation is so free that its freedom collides with a World that is inherently unfree. Its lack of drug laws, cause countries like the United States much grief. The same is true of the absence of taxes or regulation found in this libertarian "paradise."

A cautionary note:

The libertarian nation is by no means a utopia. There is poverty. There is crime. There are those left behind. The "invisible hand of the market" is sometimes slow to help those in need. With great personal liberty, there is much personal responsibility required.

What I already have versus what the provide will build:

I will take a very hands on approach. I will aid in character and setting development. I will be available via online chatting programs such as AIM and also via E-mail to help direct you in creating this book.

You will have an immense amount of creative freedom. I will not be throwing stones at you. I will be acting as a director of sorts. Not as a dictator. This is to be a fun exercise.

Other context/requirements that the providers will need to know:

Generally, a good political and legal mind. One that is knowledgeable about history and geography.

Specific expertise that I am seeking:

The ability to write well. The ability to be proactive and creative. Very communicative.

Timeframe for delivery:

The end of the Year 2008. I will be very hands on. I do not need another author disappearing on me. I need good communication. If you don't have the time or can't commit to this, then please do not bid.
Added 7 SEP 2008, 23:30 PM EDT
I'd like this to be about 100 to 250 pages. Length isn't as important as content or quality. I will help considerably with character and content development.

Budget: Less than $500


Whenever I have to type the word mattress, I still sorta feel like leaving off the last "s" for savings.