September 5th, 2008

Emergency Tech Help

Yesterday I spent about four hours writing the first five pages of a seven page sales letter. When I went to open the document (in Open Office) today only the initial headline was there. This would have been what was there the first time I saved the document.

I'm 99 percent sure that I saved the document when I signed off yesterday and am 100 percent sure that the document autosaved while I was writing.

What the hell could have happened and is there any way to find my work? Would temporary file versions exist somewhere and if so how would I find them?

I've never had Open Office or Word eat my copy before.

I'm working in Vista and Open Office if this helps.

I don't want to lose a day of hard work!



Fuck It

1. Woke up this morning from a dream/nightmare that involved bad sex with Sarah Palin, trying to drown Harry Potter and giant cats licking my feet.

2. Then had a client rambling at me that he's on a tight deadline and I better get the work done, even though he's had two weeks to send me a deposit and the money hasn't shown up in my account yet. I told him that as soon as my bank confirms that he's sent money I'll get him a draft. Heard nothing since. This is the same client who has fucked up wire transfers to use three times during the last two weeks, so I have no idea if he's just an idiot or trying to screw us.

3. Endured out of nowhere panic attack that left me sweating with chest pains. First one I've had in six months so it will at least give me something to tell my shrink about tomorrow.

4. Discovered that Open Office had somehow eaten all of my work from yesterday. Wasted the rest of this workday trying and failing to recover the work. Strangely this stopped the panic attack.

5. Realized that the Blond Lesbian is moving back to the UK on Monday. Fuck, I'm going to miss that girl.

6. Have decided this day was not made for me and that I'm going to say "fuck it" and get a fucking drink.


I don't know whether to be amused or horrified by this post on a cuckold forum.

(Note, link is NSFW unless you have Firefox set up to block ads. If so, it's just text, but if not I'm told that there are dirty ads.)

"Who will be the first genius to do a caption of Sarah Palin being a hockey slut with a moose? Moose cum a lot by the way..."

I can't wait to see the responses!