August 31st, 2008


One of my friends is supposed to fly from Barcelona to Atlanta tomorrow - right when the fucking hurricane is supposed to start happening.


Minor Freelance Lead is advertising that they are willing to pay $30 each for brief posts from writers living anywhere where people are preparing to deal with Hurricane Gustav.

They want stories about "experince and observations about preparations for and the actual hurricane."

I saw the ad on Elance, but I'm sure there is contact information on StoryLeap.

Deep Thoughts

Somewhere some tribal elder is reading about hurricanes and global warming and thinking to himself "This never happened back when we were allowed to throw virgins into volcanoes."

White Lines

This recent picture of Eddie Van Halen is enough to make me think I am never doing cocaine again.

Fuck, instead of running ads saying "This is your brain on drugs" the anti-drug people should just run this picture and say "This is what you will look like in 20 years if you get high."

America's drug problem would be solved overnight.