August 30th, 2008

Meryl Streep

You know, I used to think that Meryl Streep was a great actress who for unknown reasons was cursed by an angry god to appear only in films so dismal, dreary and dull that nobody other than film critics, pretentious college freshman and members of the MPPAA would ever see them all the way through. (Seriously, try to stay awake without the help of cocaine through The French Lieutenant's Woman or Sophie's Choice.)

But a couple years ago, I started changing my mind when I saw her in Angels in America, a film that managed to deal with a very sad subject in a whimsical and interesting way while making Meryl Streep seem fun.

Tonight I got even more proof that she's breaking through to films that you would see even if they were not assigned to you by a college professor. Rome Girl downloaded The Devil Wears Prada and she's awesome in it.

In fact the entire film, except the formula ending, is amusing and flirty and fun. I know it got tagged as a chick flick when it came out, but honestly anyone who has ever held an entry level job just out of college could relate to it.

I've read the Brett Ellis ghosted part of the script which I'm sure helps, but still she gives a fucking amazing performance often above and beyond the call of script, duty and Jimmy Choo.

And, I can almost justify the ending - after all it is a retelling of Cinderella and the clock does strike midnight in the original story.


In some ways it would be cool if McCain got elected and just like the Bush White House, the Vice President was really running the show.

Only instead of having a war obsessed former Haliburton and oilman in charge we'd have a young Alaskan mother of five pulling the strings.

You'd end up with the FBI running wiretaps and investigations making sure that no kid in America played Halo before he finished his or her homework.

Homeland Security money would be used to make sure every town - even those in Hawaii - had snowplows.

The Department of Education would use a lot of resources to make sure that all of the food groups were represented in every school lunch program.

Don't get me started on the CIA black ops money that would be used to secretly fund Volvo. Instead of a War on Terror maybe we'd have a War on Cellulite!

Federal data encryption technology would require you to use a thumbprint device on your computer to prove you were over 18 before accessing any porn.

From Monday to Friday there would be a curfew on each and every adult to make sure none of us are out too late on a school night and putting your elbows on the table while eating would certainly be a federal offense.

Deep Thoughts

I think that if you are a rabidly pro-life politician you should also support legislation that would require the schools to teach both male and female students really cutting edge oral and anal sex techniques.

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

A retired policeman and former CIA para military officer with a story that stretches over a 30 year period, starting in the Vietnam time frame, with lots of cowboy and Indian action. A departure from the military to the police and on to the CIA. The arrest and trial ending in a dismissal of the writer for spying for Israel. His drop from America to a third world country to become a rural physician caring for indigence children, and a fair amount of adventure with Muslims and insurgencies. All 90 % true with photos.... Need a good ghostwriter to develop the characters and blend it all into an interesting tale....200 pages completed at this point.... Any offers?? The name of the book " A cowboys cautionary tale" E-mail
( )

Deep Thoughts Part Two

I object to the people who imply that Sarah Palin is a lightweight who has not had to overcome adversary.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to be a beauty queen who wears glasses, or to manage the swimsuit part of the competition in Alaska?

So, So Fucked Up!

As they gear up for the GOP National Convention the St. Paul City residents are seeing television ads asking gays and lesbians not to engage in public displays of affection because it might upset conservative delegates.

"The Republicans are coming. Make an effort" one of the ads read.

Because obviously you wouldn't want to expose people to other value systems and maybe make them start to think about their assumptions, would you?

And clearly it's fine to put a lifestyle and freedom that people have fought for years and years to enjoy on hold for a week so as not to upset a couple evangelical dipshits from Alabama, right?

Jesus, why not run another ad asking blacks not to play hip hop while the GOP is in town. Better still, you could ask every married woman in St. Paul to stay home and be a housewife for the week so as to not upset the tender GOP sensibilities.

I wonder why Denver didn't have to tell its local population to change their daily lifestyles and habits.

Wait - I remember why! It's because:

1. The City of Denver has some balls.


2. The Democratic party isn't filled with judgmental religious douchenozzels.

Fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking fuck.

UPDATE: Digging into it with the help of Rome Girl and one of my readers it seems these ads may be some weirdo art project. But they are running on TV in St. Paul and the local residents aren't getting that they may not be real.

Though since they are running on television that begs the question as to what a "real" ad is. Gawker and Drudge seem to think they are real, but there is a website implying they are meant to be funny. So what the fuck do I know.


I just want to say hi to all the new friends who have come over in the last couple of days from Ferret's blog. And I want to make a couple of points:

1. I'm not usually as political as I've been this week. Be warned - you are much more likely over time to see discussions of weird fetishes, conversations with my shrink, naked women and men and drug and alcohol references than the political stuff I've had today.

2. For background it's not a bad idea to look at the link where I explain myself and my job to College Call Girl.

3. I refer to my girlfriend as "Rome Girl" but when she comments it's under the name "Miss Expatria. I mention this just to avoid confusion.

4. I don't tag any of my entries - all of my tags are done by readers. So, go to town if you want to.

5. Going through my list of tags is a good idea because you'll find lots of interesting stuff - everything from hard core porn, to discussions about being an ex pat writer to tales of drug abuse and controversial entries with lots and lots of comments.

Anyway, welcome aboard!

It's nice to meet you!