August 25th, 2008

Sam And LiLo Sitting In A Tree....


First comes love.

Then comes marriage.

Then comes LiLo with a baby carriage!


LiLo and Ronson went out and spent $300 on baby clothes. They told the sales staff they were not pregnant.

This means little however to those of us who remember when Lohan was in rehab and saying she couldn't wait to get out so that she could have unprotected sex with Ronson and have her baby.

In other words - America's sex education is working just about as well as our war on drugs.


I want to open up a cafe press account to sell T-shirts with provocative/slightly offensive/wise ass slogans on them.

My main reason is that I'm hired all the time to write provocative/offensive/wise ass slogans for my clients to use on their sites, so why not try to make money doing it myself.

The problem is that cafe press requires you to upload a high resolution jpeg with the slogan on it and I have no idea how to create a high resolution jpeg. I don't have photoshop. What I'd like is some way to write the slogans and do the colors and such on them in Open Office and then turn that into a high res jpeg.

Is there any way to do this or is there some other way to accomplish this?



Madge Goes Crazy

Opening up her new tour, Madonna apparently had a couple interesting montages during the show.

One faded from pictures of Hitler and Robert Mugabe to an image of John McCain.

Now, I agree that McCain may be a conservative douchebag, but if someone has evidence of him being behind mass murder, please send me the link.

Later in the show she has images of John Lennon, Gandhi and Obama.

Um, Madge, did you really mean to link the first potential Black American president with two dudes who were assassinated?