August 24th, 2008


A woman wanted in the bizarrely complicated attempted kidnapping of her former virtual boyfriend has been apprehended after a multi-state search.

New Castle County Police said 33-year-old Kimberly Jernigan of North Carolina was apparently distraught after her online relationship with a 52-year-old man from Claymont, Delaware came to an end.

The pair apparently met online in "Second Life." A virtual relationship began between the victim, whose character was a Lion, and Jerrigan, whose online persona was said to be a virtual woman.

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Project Description:

In the year 2003 one cold mardi gra evening i sit in the house wondering what exactly what i was going to do with my self after my hosbin had left not realizing for one moment why when i got a telephone call from one of my best friend hey, what are you doing she asked nothing i replied want to go to the paraide uh, i don't think so i think i'll just stay home and lick my wounds oh come on she said brenda is the kind of person you just can not say no to and just walks away the more you say no the more she says uh come on lets go have some fun oh ok give me a couple of hours to take a bath and get dress i'll give you one hour and i'll be there to pick you up you don't have to drive ok bye. as i was walking around my house i started thinking to myself why did willie leave we did not have a argument we only discuss us moving to houston with his daughter and her son and said that i fdid not want to be a live in baby sitter for her you see i know i have been 25 before with kids and i know how much i loved to go out still and party and i new i did not want to be confined to the house oh well as i got into the bath tub i thought well i guest there is only one thing that i can really do make the best out of a bad situationget dress sara look your best and go have you some fun regardless of willie but my just kept going back to willie what could it be i knew i was having an affair but that was over with he had dump me for some scalwag that was married also the pain was still there and albert was still on my mind the times that i would see him and ethel together snap out of it girl i thought to my self ner never again i thought to my self if i can get everything back together again i'll never have another affair i'll be a good wife the children were grown now david darrell and helen and out of school darrell was eighteen now and in college and living in his own apartment actually now that willie was gone i was in this three bed room house all alone where is the comfort now i thought when you need it from two mens to no men not even a dog to talk to i thought yo myself the telephone rang hello hey sarah are you just about ready oh i'm on my way she said bye girl,still sitting in the bath tub i started running the hot water againg when i hung the telephone up let me get out of this tub turning the water off reaching for the towel across the top of the shower head lord help me i have made a lot of mistakes but if you just help me get out of this i promise i'll do what is wright and i'll never do this again lord just make everything better as i dryed off stepping out of the bath tup my cell phone rang resticted it read um i new it was albert after the break up he started doing weird things like calling me where no number would show up and the conversation belive it or not was about the new girl friend all the things she was diong him like being with other guys in front of his face and everything else she wanted to do him i 'm not going to answer this phone so i continued to dry off and went to my closet with the towel around me and started picking me and outfit out to wear the door bell rang oh lord thats sarah i ran to the front door girl your not dress yet thats ok i'll wait you know what brenda yep she said but i don't want to hear it we are going and thats that you thank i drove all the bay from beaumont to port arthur for you to change your mind no get dress and lets go give me five mintues i went back into my bed room and started all over again yelling out to brenda fix you a drink and please fix me a double i show do need it pulling a pair of jeans from the closet and a pretty cashmier yellow sweater out lying it on the bed lookning down
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