August 21st, 2008

So, So Retro

Rome Girl, who rarely plays video games, decided tonight that she wanted to play a "puzzle type video game."

So, we headed off to Virgin to see what was in the discount racks. I found "The Myst Trilogy" for nine bucks. She'd never heard of Myst, but I assured her that if she wanted puzzles, Myst would deliver.

She spent about four hours playing the first one tonight. She doesn't like how hard it is to move around, but she does like the puzzles.

We made liberal use of the online walk throughs. Not to cheat, really, but just to get her to the puzzles in the first place, because she has no interest in wandering around the various ages of Myst Island lost.

She seems to enjoy it. I don't know if she'll make it as far as Riven, but it will be interesting to see.

Pulling Your Strings

CNN is reporting that Lars Ulrich's son, Myles, is really into Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

This probably means he gets to play Rock Band with his dad on drums and his dad's BFF, James Hetfield, on guitar.

I hope they get high scores.

Also, I bet the love kicking ass on the battle with Slash.

Speaking of rock star shit, what kind of sunglasses do you think these dudes wear?

Chanel sunglasses?

Ray Ban sunglasses?

Prada sunglasses?

Gucci sunglasses?

The mind boggles.

Drugs Are Bad

On the Freelance Job Boards today is a post from a dude who wants someone to rewrite a Fleetwood Mac fan club site.

I love this section of the Stevie Nicks bio on the existing site:

John McVie described the confrontation between Nicks and Buckingham at Christine McVie's house as "physically ugly". Nicks admitted that Buckingham almost killed her, after she violently rejected Buckingham's decision to leave the band. After Buckingham chased her through the house and out onto the street and, according to Mick Fleetwood, threw her against a car and strangled her, Nicks warned him that if he killed her and none of the other band members came to get him, her brother Christopher and father Jess would murder him.

Ride The Lightning

Metallica is going to play the O2 Arena in London next month and tickets will only be 5 pounds each. They are also playing the O2 World Arena in Berlin and the tickets there will be 10 euros each.

Man, do I want to go.

I am so researching cheap travel options.

All Summer Long

I just heard Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" for the first time.

Why had no one told me this song existed? Holy mother of fuck do I like it.

It's a mashup of "Werewolves of London" and "Sweet Home Alabama."

Rome Girl hates it.

"It wants to be Summer of 69 and it isn't," is her comment.

But I say it's fucking awesome.

The Poetry Of Kid Rock

I'm not sure which completely over the top ridiculous lyrics in "Sugar Tonight" I like better:

"They call me Shotgun Bobby, rock the young hotties
Jock the John Gottis, sock the paparazzi
Real life Fonzie, I roll like Yahtzee
I like stars and bars but I ain't no Nazi
So fuck you, fuck u in the nose
Fuck you and your flows, fuck you and your hoes
Fuck u and your mother if u can't understand it
I'm the illest mutha fucker on the God damn planet"


"I'm not no nudist
I'm fully clothed
And I fuck hot pussy until it's cold
Got rhymes of gold Got a voice of platinum
I'm not Dwayne Wayne
But that's what's happening
I'm back in black and if ya have to ask
You can kiss my Anglo-Saxon ass"

I told Rome Girl that I wanted this to be our wedding song. She laughed but then we got to talking about weddings she'd been at and helped people prepare for . One of the hardest things she said was finding the right flower girl dresses. Personally, I like wedding cakes.

When we look at other people's wedding albums we like to examine the wedding hairstyles and the wedding flowers.

Of course, the most fun is often checking out the mother of the bride dresses.

Dear Condi Rice

Please stop saber rattling with the Russians - it's hurting the dollar and making my beer, food and cigarettes more expensive.

Think of it this way - you helped start two pointless barbaric wars - let Putin and President Puppet have one pointless barbaric war. It's only fair.

Plus, you and your boss don't have enough leftover troops or ammunition to actually do anything to the Russians, so your mouth is writing checks the Pentagon can't cash.

I know times are tough these days for ice skating closeted lesbian war mongers (there simply aren't enough of you to network effectively) - and that it must be rough to be facing the unemployment office in a few months.

Still, why not just take a deep breath, sip a Scotch and get ready to have time to ice skate again in February! Get a DVD of the Sex and the City film.

Life is for the living! Have fun! Chill out! You'll feel better!