August 20th, 2008


One of the bar owners, the Iceman and I got into a discussion at the Vert Anglais about guitarists last night.

The crux of the question was "If you could go and see just one living rock guitar player - based only on his skills and irrespective of whatever band he is in, which would it be?"

After about an hour or so of give and take we agreed on Slash, on the assumption that he can play both rhythm and lead and has a signature sound that could carry through the evening even without a lead singer.

Kirk Hammett was also put into discussion, but we decided he didn't quite make it, because we weren't sure how he'd sound outside of the context of Lars and James.

We also discussed Dave Grohl, but were uncertain if he could pull off enough interesting leads to carry an evening.

Interestingly, we all agreed that Keith Richards would be fun for about a half hour, but that without a decent bass/drum section to back him up would become a bit tiresome.

Who would you put into this mix and why? Please, don't come back with some weird Indy dude that only people in Texas and Georgia would know about. Shout out some peeps we have a reasonable expectation of knowing of with a decent explanation of why.


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