August 16th, 2008


I love both the title and description of this blog.

Slits, Tits 'n Bits."

"This site is the blog of a Webmistress who is keen on the bizarre, retro porn, rubber & latex, unusually large cocks,large and curvaceous women, vegetables in all the RIGHT places, fisting, pumping, squirting, erotic photography and pretty much anything else kinky and weird that takes her fancy."

"A Pickup Truck And The Devil's Eyes!"


The asshole buttmunching douchebag scumdrinking motherfuckers at MTV are going to remake the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

With new songs!!!! And they aren't going to involve Richard O'Brien.

"What the fuck," Rome Girl said. "The old songs weren't popular enough?"

As someone who was once skinny enough to go to midnight screenings dressed as Columbia, I'm appalled.

Is nothing sacred in this damn hellhole of an existence?

Is this simply one step forward towards talking apes blowing up the Statue of Liberty?


Alison Poole

Amid reports that Jay McInerney books are actually selling out on Amazon since it was revealed that his character Alison Poole was based on John Edwards' lust muffin, New York Magazine decided to print some of the exerpts of Bret Easton Ellis' writings about her. (Both dudes knew/dated/did cocaine with/fucked Ms. Hunter back in the day.)

From American Psycho:

"I suddenly remember, painfully, that I would have liked to see Alison bleed to death that afternoon last spring but something stopped me. She was so high — "oh my god," she kept moaning during those hours, blood bubbling out of her nose — she never wept. Maybe that was the problem; maybe that was what saved her. I won a lot of money that weekend on a horse named Indecent Exposure."

From Glamorama:

"Alison's totally wired, sucking on a joint, greedily chatting away with Ian Schrager and Kelly Klein, then Damien looks away from me and watches too as Lauren says something that causes Tim Hutton to raise his eyebrows and cough while Uma's talking to David Geffen. Her eyes gleaming, Lauren brings [a] cocktail napkin to her lips, kissing it, wetting it, and I'm holding my breath watching everything and Alison whispers something to Kelly Klein and Lauren leans away from Tim and with the hand holding the cocktail napkin pats Alison on the back and the napkin sticks and Damien makes a strangled noise.
On the napkin is one word in giant garish purple letters: CUNT.
Alison glances up briefly. She pushes Lauren's hand away.
Next to me, Chloe's watching too and she lets out a little whimper.
Damien lurches from his table.
Lauren's laughing gaily, walking away from Tim Hutton in mid-sentence. And then he notices the napkin on Alison's back.
Before Damien can get to Alison she's already reaching behind her neck and feels the napkin and pulls it off and slowly brings it in front of her face and her eyes go wide and she lets out a giant mama of a scream.
She spots Lauren making her way out of the dining room and hurls a glass at her, which misses Lauren and explodes against the wall."
There are other quotes at the link.