August 13th, 2008

Why You May Be Dating An Asshole

A new study suggests there may be a reason why some women end up continually dating shitheads.

It seems the pill makes you more likely to be attracted to macho assholes.

If this study can be believed women who are normally attracted to dudes who are sensitive and cool to them can suddenly lose interest in the decent dudes and get the hots for Freddy The Frat Boy once the artificial hormones kick in. Then, when they go off the pill, Sensitive Sam suddenly becomes more interesting again.

The downside to this is that you can start dating a dude who is nice to you, go on the pill because you've both been tested and then suddenly find him an unattractive loser and instead get wet for your mechanic with "Born To Lose" tattooed on his chest.

The article implies that this could be bad for your relationship.

Questions For The Ladies

Lately, I've noticed that the same kinds of dudes who used to post on the freelance boards that they needed ad copy for pills to make your dick bigger or "herbal viagara" are now looking for for people to write ads for products for women to enhance their libido.

Their target audience isn't men who want to make women horny - they want the ads targeted to women themselves.

My questions are such:

1. Is it possible to market to this demographic? Are there lots of women out there going "Shit! I don't want to fuck! What can I do?"

2. Could these pills possibly work? My understanding is that female sexual function is much, much more complex than male sexual function. I know from experience it's possible to take a pill and get hard, which, as a male, is pretty much all I need to be ready, willing and able to fuck. But, it seems like with women it's much more situational and involved. I'm sure you could make a pill that would make a woman wet, but I feel like lots more shit than that is going on in her body when she's actually turned on. And it seems to me, from experience, that female libido has as much to do with the situation, what's going on in her head, the way the dude smells, if she feels pretty that day, and a million other things than just "Oh! I'm horny!" or "Sex? Why bother?"

Talk to me people. The Drunk Ex Pat Writer wants to know. On the QT and very, very hush hush...

The Truth

Rome Girl and I have decided that the Internet has reached a point where the majority of content is either pro/against Obama or about men sucking their own cocks.


I just washed my hair with shower gel and my body with shampoo.

I am such a dork sometimes.

I hope this doesn't have weird consequences for my hair or body.