August 9th, 2008


So, in the Karl Rove era of GOP politics how fucking dumb do you have to be to attempt to run for president when you have a mistress you are paying off?

Dude, if the National Enquirer can track your cheating ass down you don't think the fucking Swift Boaters would have fucking kicked your ass in the general election?

The last fucking big wig democrat who stuck his dick where it didn't belong got fucking impeached.

How dumb are you?

Plus, you were fucking her in 2006 - when you knew you were going to try to run for president in two years?

What a fucking douchebag.

Dark Knight

Heath Ledger = Win.

Bruce Wayne = Patrick Bateman without the irony.

The Joker's traps = Less inventive versions of what's happened in all four Saw movies.

The rest of the movie = Yawn.

They should have had Gary Oldman play Harvey Dent rather than Commissioner Gordon.

For The Ladies

Lately Fleshbot has been doing this thing where their readers can write in and request specific types of galleries. Then once or twice a week they fulfill their requests.

This week it seems that a bunch of women wrote in saying they were tired of getting gay vibes from most of the dudes in porn and asked for some galleries of good looking straight guys having sex with women.

Here you go.