August 7th, 2008

Jack Stanton

Rome Girl and I watched Primary Colors for like the 10 millionth time tonight.

It reminded me about when I was 23 years old in 1992 and sitting in Madison Square Garden at the Democratic Convention and watching Bill Clinton giving the "Place Called Hope" speech.

At that time, the GOP had held the presidency for 12 years - essentially since I was old enough to understand what a political party was.

Being roughly 40 feet from the first dude in my adult lifetime who was both liberal and had the chance to become president thrilled me to no end. And when Bill spoke it felt like he was speaking directly to me.

And, I thought the world would change.

Watching Primary Colors tonight made me realize that that must be what people in their 20s feel about Obama.

They've done eight years of Republican rule and this feels like their time to change things. After all, if you are 19 or 22 or 25 this is your first or second chance to vote and it must seem like the conservatives have been in power forever.

It must feel beautiful and exciting and romantic.

God bless you.

God bless you all.

I So Suck At HTML

I've been trying to find a way to insert a PayPal donation link onto my blog all day and can't figure out how to do it.

Ed Ward said he was able to put one on his blog easily, but says that the LJ system makes no sense to him.

Rome Girl has also found a way to put one on hers - as well as a plea to buy her book that has worked on her blog - but she also says that for some reason my blog style seems to block it.

Anyway, at this point I'm just leaving it on my profile page and we will see what happens.


Dumb And Dumber

My cat, Squirt, just noticed her reflection in the window.

At first she hissed at it.

Then she jumped at it and hit her head hard on the window pane.

Now she's sitting on the couch and cleaning her wounds and giving the window a dirty look.

I tried to pick her up and calm her but she hissed at me and tried to attack her reflection again.

This is the joy of owning a Calico cat.


I have to say that I have sort of a love/hate relationship with pantyhose, tights and stockings.

This comes from the fact that girls in my high school simply didn't wear them - so I didn't encounter them in women my age until I got to college.

The first time that I was on a hot and heavy date with a girl who was wearing pantyhose I made the mistake of simply ripping them the fuck apart after the girl let me get my hand up her skirt and rub her mound.

It turned out they were expensive - as she explained to me after she slapped me hard in the face right after I ripped the fucking things.

After that I was delicate with tights/hose/whatever the fuck girls call them to the point where about a year later I tried to daintily pull them down a girl's legs. That girl then stopped me and said "just fucking rip them off."

I've been confused ever since.

That said, even though I've yet to master what the fuck to do with them during a prefuck makeout session I still enjoy Flesbot's gallery of semi-naked girls in stockings.

The Big Chill

One of the downsides of being in a long term relationship is that every so often your partner will do something that embarrasses you in public.

Rome Girl can testify to this on many occasions.

The best example I can give is about 10 years ago when I was dating the woman who would become my exwife but we were not married yet.

At the time my job was to cover major crimes in the state of New Jersey. As part of that my bosses encouraged/paid for to me hang out in "cop bars" and get friendly with local police officers.

There was one cop bar in New Brunswick that I hung out in about once or twice a week where I'd gossip with local detectives, off duty State Police officers, deputy prosecutors, etc....

In general my girlfriend didn't come along because she was a hippy chick and found talking to cops to be a drag.

But, one night she did and the cops and prosecutors were nice to her and bought both of us shots and we bought shots back with them and I thought things were going OK.

Then, one of the cops put a Rage Against Machine song on the jukebox.

My date then drunkenly climbed on top of the bar and screamed "Don't you motherfuckers realize you are the machine you fucking shitheads?"

Man, was there a dark silence in the bar for a couple minutes after that (until I offered to buy a round for everyone in the bar.)

I'm sure you dudes and babes all have similar stories - so let's hear them!


Place Your Bids

A whole shitload of porn domain names are about to be auctioned off.

(Note, the link is work safe - no pictures, just a list of interesting domain names.)

Which ones would you want to buy?

I'm thinking these would be decent moneymakers:

Though I'm not sure who the fuck is going to be bidding on:


Congrats To Rome Girl

For finding the weirdest live version of Sympathy For The Devil ever recorded.

I shit you not.

It features

1. Keith for most of the song sitting by the drum kit stoned occasionally banging on a tambourine. Towards the end he stands up for about three seconds, hits about nine notes and then just sorta gives up.

2. Brian Jones staring off into space on some weird acid/heroin/who the fuck knows what trip.

3. Mick doing a weird Chippendales style striptease at the end before sorta collapsing.

4. A random African American bongo player.

Her blog entry is great too.