August 6th, 2008

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I so want this job.

Project Description:

I am a retired homicide detective. I believe I have identified the perpatrator of several murders/kidnapping of colorado children, including the possible person who killed jonbenet. The original case I worked on was Tracey Neef. I have written approx 40,000 words to date and have some left to do.
Im looking for someone who can take this manuscript, written by a cop, and turn it into a well written, saleable book. This story is especially difficult because there were four police jurisdictions, all working at the same time on homicides that were very similiar, and were not working together. Most of the book is based upon fact, but I have tried to insert some surmisable fiction, called "getting into his head". that is based on facts obtained from police reports. My goal is to have the first draft completed in 30 days. The ghost mandate will be to re-arrange, insert, delete, compose, and finalize. The finished product will be approximately 60,000 words, with 40,000 provided by me.

Jay, Brett , John And Alison Poole

Gawker and Radar are pointing out today that the woman John Edwards knocked up was the basis for Alison Poole, a character in a couple Jay McInerney's novels. She was also Jay's girlfriend for a while.

What they've forgotten is that Brett Ellis also palled around with her and introduced Alison Poole as one of the main characters in Glamorama.

While Jay simply paints her as a slutty coke freak, Brett casts her a slutty model who is also a terrorist who helps blow up an airplane, torture people and various other violent weirdness.

Disapear Here With Alison Poole

Reading on Gawker today that John Edward's mistress is the woman that both Ellis and McInerney based their character Alison Poole on got me to thinking about Glamorama (the Ellis book she's in.)

Overall it was the least well received of the Ellis ouvre - mostly because it came after American Psycho which built up way to much expectations.

That said, it's one of my favorites because it has lines that I still relate to - and talk to my shrink about.

For example, Alison Poole at one point tells the narrator, Victor, that "there is a hole in your truth." That line burns me to my soul, because really there is a hole in everyone's "truth" and we pretend there isn't. We act like things go from A to B to C and that we understand and remember what happened and why, but the relationships and causes of the events in our lives really don't connect and there are holes.

Earlier in the book, Victor himself has a revelation where he says that the essence of life is that "The better you look, the more you see." Which is true on so many, many fucking levels. Yes, the more closely you look at stuff the more stuff you will notice. But also, better looking people do get to see more things and have more access.

Finally, Victor realizes that life is "sliding down the surface of things" - which is something that, for me anyway, becomes more and more true the older I get.