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August 4th, 2008

Riddle Me This, Batman

What do you think people are looking for at a dating site for asexuals?

Like, what do you think is a good asexual date?

What do you wear to a date with an asexual?

I'm fascinated.

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

The Andrei Konchalovsky Production Center was founded in 2003. The company mainly specializes in the realization and support of social and entertainment projects. The Centre boasts clients such as leading Russian television channels NTV, RTR, "Cultura" and "Zvezda". The Production Center has produced many feature films, the Centre's most renowned activities include theatre production in Russia and Europe, the organization of huge events on a grand scale, the making of music videos
The Center is the brainchild of Andrei Konchalovsky, a cult figure of Russian and international cinema. His immense experience, indisputable talent and personality are in many ways what make the Center's projects so successful and popular.
-Female, 40-45 years old
-European citizenship is welcome

- no bad habits
- refinement
- responsibility
- efficiency
- well discipline
- carefulness
- quick wits with good analytical skills
- with good manner and professional behavior
- good interpersonal and communication skills
- ability to handle stress

-Languages spoken:
- Russian
- English
-Italian is welcome
Job description
-arranging work at the office to provide general assistance,
-no ability for career progress,
-creative challenges are excluded.
-excellent computer skills, Internet, maintaining office system.
- making diaries and appointments,
-arranging meetings,
-carrying on a correspondence,
-arranging travel (accommodation, making visas, booking tickets etc.),
-running personal errands of Andrei Konchalovsky;
-ability to providing assistance during his travels.
-access to the most part of the confidential information;
- 2 years of assistant working experience

It Had To Happen

Montauk Monster Mash Ups.



For the first time since the race began polls show McCain slightly ahead of Obama.

It's only by one percent, but it's still scary when you consider how ahead Obama had been. And given that we have a president that is less popular than Hoover was during the Great Depression it's astounding the GOP has any shot at all.

I Want Sam Ronson's Shirt

It looks to me like a vintage Appetite For Destruction shirt. It's probably real because she just did a set with Slash at Lolapalooza over the weekend and he's known for giving shit away.


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