August 3rd, 2008


Yesterday, there was a group of Muslim girls on the beach in Palavas. They were all wearing black headscarves - even though it was well over 100 degrees on the sand.

I can't imagine that being anything but awful - and begging for heat stroke.

Later, we saw them swimming and kayaking - and they still had their head scarves on. I had no idea they even had to wear them for stuff like that. I know they are not supposed to show their hair - but I assumed that for water based activities there would be some sort of shower cap thing to help them out.

In the kayaks their scarves were soaking wet. Again, it looked very, very uncomfortable.

In The Cut

Doctors warning that surgery to give women "designer vaginas" may be "dangerous, expensive and unwarranted."


You think?

Let me see - intentionally having an operation to cut into and change the most sensitive part of your body could, perhaps, be a bad idea?

No shit.

Here's my take on this - any woman who comes into a doctor's office and says that they want their vagina reshaped should first be given a complete exam. If there is no blatant disfigurement and her vagina is in proper working order she should be sent to a psychiatrist.

Because, you know what, there are many things a woman might be legitimately worried about appearance wise, but her vagina should not be one of them. Any dude (or babe if you are lesbian) who gets close enough to see your pussy is going to think it looks just fine. Assuming you bathe there is no such thing as an ugly pussy - and a lot of us guys will be happy to enter you even if you haven't bathed in a while (after all, the tastiest dishes are marinated.)

And if some dude really does tell you that your pussy isn't pretty enough, throw him out of your apartment and put his face up on a website warning other women what a douchebag he is.

That's a lot more rational than undergoing plastic pussy surgery that can cause "scarring, permanent disfigurement, infection, dyspareunia and altered sexual sensations."

End of rant.

Deep Thoughts

Eva Longoria is 5'2'' and really tiny. Her husband, Tony Parker is 6'2'' and really big.

If they have a child, what size will it end up being?