August 2nd, 2008

Beach Bums

The Internet still wasn't online at home early this morning so Rome Girl and I said "fuck it" and took the bus to the beach and rented lounge chairs and got bronzed.

When we got home it was up and working and a client had paid us.

Happy days!


I'm sorta intrigued by this fetish.

It's for dudes that like their girls to be naked from the waist down but fully clothed from the waist up. In other words, you see bush but no tits.

At first I was like "why the fuck would you want a porn site without tits?" but then I looked at it and it is sorta sexy in its own way and does allow the imagination to roam.

Douchebag Of The Week


Check out this project posted on the freelance job boards. It's so weird, I'm sending it as a tip to Jezebel.

Not only does the dude come off as way arrogant and misogynist, he's also a cheap bastard who doesn't understand the writing process or work.

Project Description:


What I already have versus what the provider will build:

I've written an e-book that needs to be edited up to a complete re-do. It has been written like a love letter to a woman to showcase the reasons why she will not find the love of her life from a guy's perspective. It is currently approx 100 pages. It needs to be approx 200 pages, more if necessary.

Think of it this way, it's a series of love letters to my sister and my best girlfriend to say "This is why your relationships in the future will also be doomed no matter how great he seems... unless you know this, this and this (from a guy's perspective)."

The book is to be weaved with the woman's perspective, there must be elements from the moment she realized that she had dedicated herself to career + going out to have fun + kids + a relationship + a little flirting, a one-time fling + being a good girl + keeping up with fashion + fantasizing about, say, living in NYC, with lots of romantic travel + nice meals with guys that worship her that could never have her + dreaming of the guys she can't have + + + and then it hits her... the book is the description of when she truly realizes that the beauty of youth will eventually fade and she panics because the man she has or the man she doesn't have are not satisfying her dreams - she has it all, but she realizes that she spent the years chasing what others believed would make her happy, and she longs for so much more - family that loves her, getting lost beauty back... and this book gives awareness, and because it's author's name on the cover is that of a male, it will have solutions to the crisis.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:
The target audience is USA females who want to travel, know what purse they want, know she's intelligent and has strived for success, she's tried online dating and enjoyed the attention of clueless men that write her long letters online, she loves the feeling of looking beautiful when she goes out... The e-book will be the basis for other materials, and of course will be sold in many formats.

Specific expertise that I am seeking:
I need you to be extremely familiar with chick literature, modern romance novels, some of which have become movies by authors like Jennifer Weiner and Lauren Weisberger. Further, familiarity with shows like "Sex and the City" is necessary only because they showcase the way that women examine men's words and actions in ways that men just do not imagine... or do themselves. Men are not mysterious creatures to figure out. You must be familiar with the articles in popular women's magazines like Cosmo and InStyle, and be able to cite (and be able to footnote) surveys that back up the content of the book.

Timeframe for delivery:
I need the book completed, including editing, within two weeks.

Budget: Less than $500.