August 1st, 2008

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

The book will be a memoir of the events of my life between the age of 18-24. My goal is to share with people the struggles from being forced out to my parents about my sexuality, staying in the Army Reserves as an MP to be later discharged under the don't ask don't tell policy and doing what i had to do to make it. That included taking advantage of men, escorting and drug dealing. How I made over $500,000 and lost it all between the age 19-22. Later and most importantly my life in Chicago as an escort. I documented most every client I encountered. The thoughts and emotions evolved, the money and why I stayed in the business. Then used everything I had to turn my life around start my first legitimate company and now pursuing my medical degree.
I am looking for someone to help me convey and formate my story. The topics are racy and provocative. The book is not about the illegal activity as it is the emotions evolved and the struggle to survive and the addictions I suffered (non of that were drugs, but power).

If this is a project that interest you then please forward your thoughts and questions and sample writings.

Best Regards,

On The Downlow

A psychiatrist has posted what he claims is a "complete" list of non homosexual or bisexual reasons straight men have sex with other men.

I can't decide if this is delusional or not. Also, as Fleshbot points out, perhaps the reason is simply "that they enjoy it."

Anyway, have fun with it. Figure out if he's full of shit or onto something.

Also, why no list of why straight girls sometimes fingerbang other girls?