July 23rd, 2008

Do Me A Solid Please

I'm trying to get my blog on Facebook but to do so I've got to get 10 people to confirm that I really write the thing.

So, if you have a second please go here and confirm that I'm the author.

If you want to give my blog a few stars that would be cool too, but not obligatory.


Shut The Fuck Up! I'm In Nerd Heaven

They are making a Pretty In Pink videogame based on the John Hughes movie!

Holy fucking shit - if there is an option to be Duckie I'm buying this the day it comes out.

My only beef is they are doing this to "make video games appeal to women."

Fuck that shit. Everyone I know who is near my age liked Pretty In Pink. Why does this have to be fucking gender specific? Rome Girl likes to play Medal of Honor and shoot people. I like to play Super Mario Galaxy and jump around clouds.

Not everything is about gender, people!

I'm proud to say, "I have a penis and I'll play this game!"