July 22nd, 2008


For three days in a row now Google Alerts has been sending me stories about Steven Adler getting arrested. I'm so fucking tired of this story. A former Guns N Roses member getting busted for drugs is not news. It's up there with "Dog Bites Man" and "Water Found To Be Wet."

Please, Google Alerts, only send me Guns N Roses notes about things that vaguely resemble news.

Axl becoming a monk - news.

Matt Sorum deciding to become a folk musician - news.

Any former or current member of Guns N Roses using drugs - not news.


From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

I am looking for someone to grade High School Science papers. The scope of this writing will vary with 50% of the writers being novice writers.

I am looking for someone to use a rubric that will be provided to grade the papers and to provide limited feedback. I will be giving somewhere between 30-60 papers per period.

Prior to using your service I would like to provide you with a rubric, some examples of how the rubric should be scored. After which I will provide you with five work samples to see the scores and feedback for which you would add to each paper. Again, the scope of the writing will vary greatly.

Please let me know what your hourly rate is, your experience, and your level of education. I am looking for someone out of the country for this project.

Also, I need to know how many papers that you can grade per hour - if each paper is an average of 1 page single spaced 12 point font typed.

Budget: Less than $10 per hour.

Worst Idea Ever

Liquid Virgin.

It's a cream designed to make your vaginal walls contract so that sex "feels like the first time."

What's worse is that it's sold by "RomanticGifts.com" What the fuck is less romantic than a woman putting something in her vagina designed to make sex unpleasant for her?

What the fuck is wrong with humanity?


24 Exile Trailer

Word has leaked out that in the fall there is going to be a 24 movie called "24:Exile."

They were supposed to hold off on this announcement until ComicCon, but it leaked anyway.

Here is the trailer.

It looks like we get:

1. Jack Bauer in a fictional African nation.

2. Child soldiers.

3. Jack tortured with a red hot machete.

4. A female president.

5. John Voight

6. Powers Booth

7. Lots of shit blowing up.

8. Violence.