July 21st, 2008

Make Every Song You Sing Your Favorite Tune

I finally found a bootleg download of the new Martin Scorsese Rolling Stones documentary "Shine A Light."

I'd seen it in the movie theater but wanted to show it to Rome Girl - not because she's a Stones fan but because she's a Scorsese fan.

She liked some parts of it but would have liked it more if it had been more of a real documentary and less of a concert film.

Rome Girl did agree with my original assessment that Keith Richards steals the entire show with his version of "You Got The Silver" - which I was luckily able to find on YouTube.

This doesn't give you the full effect because it skips the 20 seconds or so when he is walking from the backstage to the front stage and dismissing Mick, but you still get the idea.

He's not even playing guitar - he's looking cool and walking around and singing and just being a sweet bad ass. He also uses his cigarettes as props better than anyone I've ever seen.

It's worth checking out.


There is a car park about two blocks from our apartment where the roof overlooks a beautiful ancient ruin and an even more beautiful church. The roof would be an amazing place to have sex on a starry night.

Unfortunately, Rome Girl points out that there are a lot of empty beer cans there which leads her to believe that local kids go up there to drink which would make the chances of getting caught way high.

Le suck.

Britney Spears Rocks The Fuck On!

Britney Spears has finally figured out that her family is a bunch of dochenozzels.

On her new album she has a song called "ATM" where she lashes out at her parents at one point singing, “Hey Mama, I know it’s my cash you seek.”

So, apparently taking medication for bipolar disorder actually does make you see the world more clearly. I'm so fucking psyched she's finally rid of her asshat manager and parasite parents.

Rock on Brit Brit!! Rock the fuck on!


Frances Bean At Rolling Stone Magazine

Gawker is reporting this morning that Frances Bean Cobain is a summer intern at Rolling Stone Magazine.

This pisses Rome Girl off. She feels like there are probably lots of teenagers in America who really want and deserve careers in journalism who will never, ever get this kind of break and that it's blatantly unfair.

I take a slightly different view. If any teen can bring contacts and experience with rock and roll to the table, Frances Bean certainly can. And, with the dead dad and drug addicted mom, she isn't exactly a spoiled happy go lucky rich kid. Heck, I'm impressed with the fact that she wants a summer job at all. I bet a lot of 15 year old kids with her money would rather spend the summer at the beach than dealing with certified maniac Rolling Stone Publisher Jann Wenner.

That said, if she's not doing the job she shouldn't keep the job.

Anyway, the story is there for you to make your own conclusions and comments.