July 20th, 2008


It's raining out.

My cat just woke me up to show me. I know this is why she woke me up because she kept running back and forth from the bed to the balcony until I got up and looked at the rain. Then she gave a little meow and went on the couch and stared at me.

I'm not sure what she expects me to do. Does she think I have some power to stop the rain? Or did she just want to keep me up to date on what the sky is doing?

Donna Martin Graduates!

Why did no one tell me that they are doing a new 90210!

And it's going to have Torri Spelling, Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty.

It could only get better if they brought back Tiffany Amber Thiessen.

P.S. Rome Girl says she's not surprised I love Miss Thiessen:

"She looks like Belinda Carlisle's younger sister," she said.

"Are you implying that I have a type," I responded.

"Yes," she retorted.


No Glove No Love

AVN this week has a very reasonable two part essay on the California government's proposal to make it mandatory for male actors in all porn shoots to wear condoms.

Given that AVN is one of the biggest trade publications for the porn industry you'd expect them to just be like "no fucking way!" but they honestly do a good job of addressing both sides of the issue.

They frame it as a free speech idea - that porn is at some level creative art and that the writers, directors and actors and actresses should make their own artistic choices. On the other hand they also call for more HIV testing in the industry and for more sexual education of the actors and actresses.

One of the points they make is that there are more more people who die every year from having vending machines fall on them than there are porn stars in America who contract HIV.

But they also argue that you can incorporate condoms into a script and still make it sexy.

No matter how you feel it's a good read. And I'd love to hear your reactions.

This is Part 1.

This is Part 2.

The links look work safe to me - but there are ads that are different every time I click on them. So far those ads have been work safe - but I don't really understand how changing ads work, so I don't want to guarantee you that there won't be a sexy banner. (At the moment the banner ad is for a webcams that supposedly make your skin look good and the side ad is for a talent agency. Your results may vary.)