July 18th, 2008

You're My Only Hope

They started putting up posters today for The Clone Wars movie. I want to steal one so badly.

This is completely irrational since George Lucas has shown no evidence of having any clue of what the fans want to see. Also, since it takes place between Episode II and Episode III we know that all of the main characters survive, so how much suspense could their possibly be.

What would be much more interesting would be a movie taking place between Episode III and Episode IV because it might answer some of the more glaring questions in The Saga including:

1. Why Darth doesn't kill Palpatine. Seriously. Palpatine told Darth that if he went over to the Dark Side he'd save Padme's life. Anakin went to the Dark Side, yet Palpatine still let her die. You'd think Darth would have gone nuts on his ass.

2. Why is Darth a low level lackey in Episode IV. Isn't he supposed to be Palpatine's main goons. If so, why is he taking orders from a mid level bureaucrat like Tarkin?

3. Are the Storm Troopers clones? If so, when and why did their uniform change.

4. Darth's main job was to hunt down and kill all the Jedi. So why the fuck did he stop before killing Obi Wan and Yoda - the two most dangerous Jedi in existence, since neither of them did much to hide themselves.

5. Darth is legendary for being able to detect The Force in others - so why didn't he ping on Lea when he boarded her ship?

6. Why does Obi Wan lie so much to Luke?

Your Thoughts

Gawker thinks the term "Cougar" is offensive and sexist. So do some of their readers.

I've always considered it either neutral or vaguely empowering (since it implies that the women are sleek beautiful animals and the men they pick up are "prey.")

What are your thoughts and why?