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July 17th, 2008

Robe Is In The Laundry Today


Insane In The Membrane

Andy Dick is insane.


Insane In the Membrane Part Two

So, the Jesse Jackson Fox News transcript is out.

How dumb, exactly, do you have to be to be in the Fox News studio and use the word "nigger?"

Seriously, like he said this in the "land of people who want to destroy the left."

What the fuck do you think he says when he's amongst friends?


If I was Anderson Cooper I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to say I can watch this bear for hours" on live television.

Black Canary Barbie

Some parents are going apeshit over the new Barbie.

Your thoughts?


It Depends On How You Define "Is"

You know, I thought it was weird when the Bush people signaled that they were not really convinced by the theory of evolution.

But this defies even that logic.

For the link phobic they now want to change the legal definition of abortion to include hormonal birth control and IUDs.

I'm not sure if this is a greater assault on the nature of language or science.

I do know that I'm now waiting for the Secretary of the Interior to announce the world is flat and for NASA to insist that the sun moves around the Earth.

Maybe they could make new official world maps reading "there be dragons here" in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Random Thought

I wonder how much energy would be saved and how much we'd reduce our carbon footprint if we banned bottled water in Western nations.

Sure, I understand that in South America, Africa and parts of Asia, bottled water is essential, because the local water supplies suck.

But in America and most of Europe tap water is just fine. We buy bottled water simply because it's convenient (I'm thinking this because it's been 110 for a week now and Rome Girl and I are drinking bottled water like camels.)

I'm sure a lot of the plastic in Evian bottles is recycled, but it still must take a lot of energy to package, bottle and ship the water. How many of those plastic bottles end up in landfills? How much gasoline is spent transporting the water?

Seriously, I'm lazy and buy ice cold water when I'm walking back and forth to my shrink on a hot day. But, honestly I walk by roughly a dozen fountains that are spewing clean, drinkable water out. If I had a canteen I could pretty much get the exact same thing I'm spending a euro on.

I don't do it, of course, because no one else does it and I'd look weird. But, if bottled water didn't exist, I bet a lot of people would be using those fountains for a cold drink on a hot day.

100 Greatest Rock Songs

This site has tried to put together a list of the 100 greatest rock songs.

While, I don't agree with the order of some of the songs, it's a better list than any I've seen before. At first glance the only ones I'd disagree with are "Show Me The Way" and and "Jesus Christ Pose."

Ron Rehab

How fucked do you have to be before Keith Richards threatens you with a knife and a gun to sober up?"


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