July 15th, 2008

Highlights From Bastille Day Montpellier

1. Hung out with a former Ibiza stripper.

2. Celebrated the 30th birthday of blonde lesbian's girlfriend.

3. We all used magic marker to give ourselves temporary tattoos.

4. Watched awesome fireworks from the top of a car park.

5. Saw Hippy IT Boy more hungover than I've ever seen him before.

6. Beer and vodka = full on win!

7. Ate lots of popcorn.

8. Heard that Ed Ward is back in town.


I had no idea that white people John McLaughlin's age even knew what the word oreo meant.

Is he going to start using phrases like "Snap!" next or go "Word up!" when he agrees with his guests?


Things French People Like

Since the lovely Rome Girl just did a post on Things Italian People Like I figured I'd do a list of Things French People Like.

Fear the snark. Also, if you are in France feel free to add to this list.

1. Small pink beers. Really.

2. The phrase "Pas possible."

3. Waiting in line at the grocery store behind 15 street bums buying one beer each.

4. Going on strike.

5. Going on break.

6. Sitting in a bar or cafe for three hours alone at a table for four and ordering exactly one drink.

7. Stopping randomly in the middle of the street/sidewalk for no apparent reason.

8. Eating parts of animals that no one else in the civilized world would even consider.

9. Reminding you that French fries are really from Belgium.

10. Complaining.

11. Dressing like a gay man even if you are straight.

12. Foreskin!

13. Lifetime employment.

14. Hashish.

15. Rap/reggae music.

16. Bringing dogs into any and every business establishment.

17. Asking random people on the street for a cigarette.

18. Wearing T-shirts for sports they neither play nor watch.

19. Out of date American pop/rock bands.

20. Bitching about Arabs/Gypsies/Americans/Brits etc...

Going After Rails.....

Very old and very good concert footage of Ozzy doing "Crazy Train."

"Do you know who this is," I asked Rome Girl.

"Either Satan or someone who wants to make my world miserable," she replied before leaving the room.