July 12th, 2008

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Your result for The Tits, Ass, and Cuteness Test...

Curvy and Naughty

Raw score: 70% Big Breasts, 68% Big Ass, and 52% Cute!

Thanks for taking the T and A and C test! Based on your selections, the results are clear: you show an attraction to larger breasts, larger asses, and sexier composures than others who've taken the test.

Note that you like women overall curvier than average.

My third variable, "cuteness" is a mostly objective measure of how innocent a given model looked. It's determined by a combination of a lot of factors: lack of dark eye makeup, facial expression, posture, etc. If you scored high on that variable, you are either really nice OR you're into deflowering teens. If you scored low, you are attracted to raunchier, sexier, women. In your case, your lower than average score suggests you appreciate a sexier, naughtier look. Kudos!

Recommended Celebrities: Supermodel Laetitia Casta and Actress Angelina Jolie.

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These dudes have taken the Google search screen and made it black.

The theory is that dark screens use less energy and if a lot of people used the black screen instead of the standard Google white screen it would reduce the overall carbon footprint of searches.

LiLo Got A Ring! And A Kiss!


They are the fucking cutest Hollywood couple in the fucking world. And LiLo has never, ever, ever looked this happy and healthy!

Rock on Samatha Ronson - you've accomplished what rehab and Lohan's family never could!

"Lindsay Lohan has been given a $22,000 “commitment” ring by girlfriend Samantha Ronson. The ‘Mean Girls’ actress was taken shopping by the DJ last week to celebrate her 22nd birthday and was thrilled when Sam splashed out on the stunning piece of jewellery. A source told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “Sam took Lindsay shopping as part of her birthday present. Although Lindsay is the major breadwinner, Sam has her own money and is very proud. “It’s not an engagement ring - simply a token of her commitment. Lindsay is thrilled and she and Sam are very content.”