July 10th, 2008

So Odd

The other night I was sitting outside the Vert Anglais reading a newspaper.

A well dressed older French dude suddenly sat down across from me and asked me, in English, "Are you French?"

I said, "No."

He then said, "Are you an architect?"

Again, I said, "No."

Then, he walked away.

At first I thought he had a meeting with someone and didn't know what they looked like. But if that was the case he would have stayed at the cafe until the dude showed up.

So, now I'm puzzled, unless "Are you an architect" is some weird French way of saying "Are you a friend of Dorthy?"


Ok, by now you all probably know that JonBenet Ramsey's family was proven innocent of her murder by new DNA testing methods.

Wow. What a clusterfuck.

I remember when this murder went down, as I was still in the business of covering major crime (I didn't cover the Ramsey case but had friends who did and, face it, every crime reporter in the country was following this one. )

At the time the Boulder Police Department and the DA's office was whispering off the record to anyone who would listen that they knew either Papa Ramsey or Brother Ramsey did it. The leading off the record theory was that Bro Ramsey killed her accidentally and that that Mom and Pop Ramsey were covering for him because he was a child.

Now, a dozen years later we know they were wrong. This sucks for several reasons:

1. Whoever did kill her got off. And, the thing is that no one sexually assaults and murders one child. If you kill one, you kill more. So, there are some dead children out there (more likely than not listed as "missing children.")

2. The reason the killer got off is that the cops focused so much attention on the Ramseys that they must have missed other avenues of investigation. Because, face it, there are no master criminals out there and kid killers tend to be the biggest and least careful criminals (because they are driven by sexual needs and not greed, which makes planning difficult.)

3. Mom Ramsey died knowing the world thought she killed her own daughter. Can you imagine?

4. Pop Ramsey lost his business and his reputation after losing his only daughter all because the Boulder cops and the DA's office didn't know what they were doing.

5. The Ramseys were rich white people. If they went through this, imagine what must happen to blacks, Hispanics, gays, lesbians, midgets and Eskimos in our justice system.

Built In Webcam

I finally figured out how to get the built in webcam on my new computer to work.

So, I took some experimental pics. Hopefully I'll get better at this in the future.

Which background detail do you think is nerdier: The Harry Potter poster or Darth Tater?








An Interesting Debate

Fleshbot has a new feature where readers can request different types of stories, galleries, etc..

So, someone wrote in and said they were tired of seeing mostly skinny girls on their site.

Fleshbot responded with what they describe as a gallery of pleasantly plump girls.

Except, as the readers immediately pointed out, most of these women are not what people in the real world would consider "plump."

Other readers responded that this was true, but in the porn world these girls are bigger than normal.

Those of you who are in a position to look at NSFW pictures take a gander and tell me your thoughts.


For a few extra bucks you can get the new Metallica album packaged in a coffin.

"The special edition box will come out the same day the album does and will of course include the full CD (duh!), along with everything next level cool relating to "Death Magnetic!" Seriously, there will be a CD with the demos of the songs, a DVD of even more "making of the album" footage not seen on Mission: Metallica, a t-shirt only available in this box, a flag, guitar picks, and a fold out poster along with a collector's credit card embossed with a code to redeem a free download of a special European show happening in September."

Even Urban Dictionary Won't Help

Every afternoon one of my French neighbors blasts a rap song where one of the lines is "You are a sexual chickenhead."

I wonder what that means. I'm guessing that it's some sort of gay reference because later in the song the guy raps "you take it in the butt, motherfucker."

But, still it's a mystery.