July 8th, 2008

Charlie Wilson's War

About halfway through this movie, Rome Girl commented that this was "like if you ran the nation's defense strategy."

I've never been more flattered.

Seriously, being compared to a liberal democrat who actually was able to become a Texas congressman while also being a coked up, liquored up dude with a fondness for the ladies is almost the best compliment ever.

To be compared to a dude who created the fucking Taliban in a coke fueled drunken rage is, to my mind, the absolute best compliment ever.

Later she said "well, maybe you are more like Gus" (the fucked up CIA dude.)

Either way she thinks I'm batshit crazy enough to accidentally create an absolute dictatorship in a third world country.

This is why I love this woman.

The film is good too.

If I have any complaints it's that I've read that while Charlie did employ a ton of beautiful women as his staff they were always very smart and qualified beautiful women and the movie does not make that clear.

Other than that, I'd like to raise a glass to "Good Time Charlie."


Montpellier News Stolen From Rome Girl's Travel Blog

Thanks to the best travel writer in France.

Some 200 growers in Montpellier wearing ski masks and wielding baseball bats vandalised four Crédit Agricole banks and three supermarkets, smashing bottles of wine in the liquor aisles. Some of the rioters allegedly overturned and tried to burn a car with six gendarmes still sitting inside, an act that Minister of Internal Security Michèle Alliot-Marie called “attempted murder.” But nobody has been arrested or charged in the spate of violence yet. The Comité Régional d’Action Viticole (CRAV), a radical group of winegrowers responsible for previous acts of vandalism in Languedoc, has not claimed responsibility for the incidents.

Bible Porn

The Uncensored Bible.

"In this unexpectedly delightful (if juvenile) little book, two Bible professors and a journalist unpack some of the more outrageous interpretations of the Hebrew Bible, focusing on juicy tales of sex, dysfunctional families and body parts. What if Eve was not made from Adam's rib bone but, as one biblical scholar has suggested, his penis bone? (Don't laugh this theory away until you've read the chapter.) Despite taking on serious questions of biblical interpretation and Hebrew translations, the authors maintain a tongue-in-cheek demeanor as they address questions like Did Abraham pimp Sarah? Did Ruth and Boaz have a roll in the hay on the threshing floor? and Was Joseph a cross-dresser? (Answers: yes, maybe, and probably not.) One chapter proposes that the assassin Ehud (Judges 3) escaped King Eglon's rooftop after murdering him by slipping down through Eglon's latrine."

Johnny Rotten Loves America

The trailer for his new television show. Among other things it features him:

1. Renting an assault rifle.

2. Touring the Katrina ruins.

3. Checking out the Louisiana Civil War Museum

4. Ranting about the U.S. government.

It's fucking awesome.