July 6th, 2008


I figured I'd post a picture of my mom and my dad at the Vert Anglais.

Also, Hippy IT Boy's son and daughter came to visit him today and I have pictures of him with them, so I'm posting that too.







Spent the morning at Vert Anglais doing two things:

1. Playing Rock Band with Hippy IT Boy's 11 year old son.

2. Eating bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches made by Blonde Lesbian.

Tonight we (all the Usual Drunkspects) are going to Fiona's for a giant pig roast.

Am now petting the cat.

My only complaint is that I've never played Rock Band before and I found the buttons less responsive than the buttons on the Guitar Hero games. Hammerons and pull offs seemed nearly impossible because of how "tight" the buttons are - particularly with the green button.

Otherwise, good stuff.

The Female Axl Rose

One of the dangers in having a brand new computer is that for the first time in roughly a year I can play Youtube videos. This means I can search around for live rock clips and write pretentious posts about them.

So, be prepared.

Anyway, people sometimes ask me why I like Guns N Roses so much. The reason is that when Axl is on stage he is always so fucking batshit crazy and/or fucked up that there is a sense that anything can happen.

I find this a good antidote for the myriad of live performances that are so fucking controlled and rehearsed.

So, I was trying to search for a performance like that by someone other than Axl, just to make my point without the baggage of trying to sell you dudes and duddettes on him.

I found this.

It's Stevie Nicks in 1976. Note how fucking high she is. Note how insane she is. Note how she changes and improvises new lyrics because she's clearly too fucked up to remember the actual lyrics.

Then note how beautiful and dangerous and wonderful it is. Embrace the idea that rock is danger and sex and the risk of death and the ultimate challenge to the American Dream.

And, mostly, just crank your computer and listen to an insane yet beautiful coke fiend tell you a story about a Welsh witch.