July 4th, 2008

The Overview Of The Week

So, now I've had a day to think about things and get my head together. And I'll be spending a lot of time with my shrink tomorrow.

The good news is that I was terrified that I'd end up fighting with my stepmother and in fact we never fought at all and I have to say she was amazingly wonderful. Apparently they've changed her medication and it has done her a world of good.

Unfortunately I had no idea that my parents were bringing the Onceler with them.

This was a dude who - I am not fucking making this up - was bragging that he likes the Iraq and Afghan war because he makes artificial limbs and during times of war the demand for fake legs and arms are high.

This dude implied at one point that I was immoral for writing porn.

Anyway, most of the trip was good. Monday we hung in town and had a nice diner. On Tuesday we went to Palavas and had a nice day at the beach.

They wanted to go to Spain yesterday but the truckers held a strike where they shut down the highway between here and espagne.

So, instead we went to Aigues Mortes, which is a really nice walled city. The Iceman and the Non Jewish Carpenter met us there because they were doing some work in the region.

We had a great time and introduced them to Get 47 which is a regional after dinner drink. The Iceman offered to pay for everyone's meal but my mom wouldn't hear of it and insisted on paying.

I should note that while I went into my pocket to try to pay for my share, the Onceler didn't.

We then went back to Palavas where the two couples necked two bottles of wine in about ten minutes, making me terrified since I had to ride home with them.

They got us back into town safely and met up with Rome Girl and we decided to go to a vietnamese restaurant, because the Onceler had said that he'd heard that vietnamese restaurants are good in France.

It was there when I came out of the bathroom and my mom asked me to check on dad because he'd been outside for a while. I went out and he went on a long rant about how he wanted to slit my mom's throat and/or stab her in her sleep.

I then walked him back to the hotel, where he promptly passed out.

By the time I got back I'd mostly missed my meal and then when my mom went to pay they told her that their card processing system was down. So, my mom gave me her card and her pin number and I walked roughly a block in order to get the money out.

While I was gone the Onceler got into Miss Darling's face saying "Why don't you just fucking go home?"

I wish I'd known that at the time, because there are three people you can not fuck with as far as I'm concerned:

1. Rome Girl

2. Trixee

3. Miss Darling

If I'd known I would have broken the Onceler's nose. But this is the shit you find out later.

Instead he just gave me a huge load of shit telling me that as his "host" I should have paid for his meals instead of my parents paying for his meals.

The fucker is lucky that Rome Girl was standing next to me, because if I wasn't worried about embarrassing her I would have picked up a chair or table and broken it over his head. And that would have been just the beginning.

I didn't invite this fuckwit to Montpellier and if my mom wants to buy me dinner that's not his fucking business. Beyond that he never fucking went into his pocket this week. And, I ended up paying for him and his wife to explore the walled castle in aigues morte because they "forgot" to take money out. And my parents kept buying them meals and drinks for similar reasons. In fact it was Rome Girl and I who paid most of the tips everywhere we went, even though we kept saying to the Onceler "you should tip."

His response was "we'll never be back here, so why bother?"

This afternoon I was very tempted (knowing their flight number since they made me confirm their reservations) to make an annoymous call and describe him as a drug exporter, just to make him have to go through a body cavity search.

Rome Girl talked me out of this, but I will find a way to fuck this war profiteer somehow.

That said, my parents were great in the sense that this is the first time I've spent this much time with them in years without a fight happening between me and them.

And my step mom was a real lady.



I know this computer has a webcam built in because I can see the webcam. But I can't find any program or application that will actually turn on the webcam.

Also, there is an icon for "Bluetooth Stack Instructions" but no other indication that it might have Bluetooth.

When you try to go through the "Window's Vista Guide To Your Computer" it's full of information like "Do not stick foreign objects into your computer" and "Do not use your wireless connection if you have a packemaker" and "Do not allow dust to come into contact with your power cable" but no information about how to actually do anything.

I find it strange that in Vista sometimes when you hit the red x it closes the open window and sometimes it just makes it smaller.

So far, I've managed to install Firefox and Open Office, but other than that I'm stumped.

Fucking Banks. Fucking Patriot Act. Fucking Bullshit

Last month to consolidate our freelance business we closed Rome Girl's checking account and turned my checking account into a joint account.

A little while after that we got a letter saying that due to the Patriot Act they needed a copy of Rome Girl's passport to prove she's an American citizen and not a money launderer/terrorist.

She forgot to fax a copy of her passport to them and today the bank:

1. Returned all of the money I'd made from clients this week back to my clients.

2. Started the process of closing my account for being in violation of the Patriot Act.

3. When we called up to find out how to fix this was told nobody could help us until Monday because of the holiday weekend.

Rome Girl has since faxed her passport to the bank, but we have no idea if it's too late and if it is how to open up a new American account from France. Even if they do unfreeze the account we'd still have to find a way to get the money that has been returned to Elance and Paypal back into the account (the money has disappeared from my bank account but not turned up yet in my Paypal or Elance accounts.)

This has not been a good week.

Send lawyers guns and money.