July 3rd, 2008


During diner tonight my dad took me outside and said "Your mother is pissing me off so much I want to slit her throat."

So, I took him back to his hotel and put him to bed.

Then I went back to the restaurant and my mom was freaking out because her card wouldn't work. Eventually I helped her figure out that the problem was that she had paid for everything over the past few weeks including all the bills for her friends.

So, while she has a million or so in her bank account her card was frozen.

So, I went out and got her card unfrozen and then used her card to pay for dinner. After that her friends - who have not paid for a dime since they got to montpellier took me aside. And the dude got physical with me and said "why the fuck didn't you pay for our meal tonight?"

The response was my mom asked me out to dinner and it's really not his bussness.

Plus, I took four days off of work to be a tour guide for my parents and this dude and his wife.

He's lucky I didn't throw a punch.

Email To My Mom


I expect an apology from Bob tomorrow. His behavior was inexcusable.

I took three days off of work to try to make their trip nice.

To have it end up with my girlfriend working for me while I have an old man get in my face is bullshit.

Bob was way out of line last night.

I'm not a servant.

I loved being with you and dad, but Bob was awful.

They are your friends who came to my town so please make it right.


Thanks Mr. Townsend

I was just thirty-four years old and I was still wandering in a haze
I was wondering why everyone I met seemed like they were
Lost in a maze

I don't know why I thought I should have some kind of
Divine right to the blues
It's sympathy not tears people need when they're the
Front page sad news.

The incense burned away and the stench began to rise
And lovers now estranged avoided catching each others' eyes

And girls who lost their children cursed the men who fit the coil
And men not fit for marriage took their refuge in the oil
No one respects the flame quite like the fool who's badly burned
From all this you'd imagine that there must be something learned

Slit skirts, Jeanie never wears those slit skirts
I don't ever wear no ripped shirts
Can't pretend that growing older never hurts.