July 2nd, 2008

New Laptop

Wow is it work intensive to try to start up a new laptop with Vista on it.

It's taken me an hour to get to the point where I can post on live journal.

Hey! Hey! Yeah!

Whenever I'm really stressed I like to listen to Knocking on Heaven's Door as played by Guns N Roses in Chicago.

This really bothers Rome Girl in a couple ways:

1. When I get in this mood I want to play it like 5 or six times in a row.

2. She thinks it's a song about suicide and that terrifies her.

I wish there was a way I could convince her that it's simply a song that I like and that makes me happy when I'm sad.

That said, my shrink and I have talked bunches about my obsession with this song, so who the fuck knows. Maybe I shouldn't play it.

The agreement we have now is that I'll wear headphones.