June 25th, 2008

Some Things Didn't Work So Well

Dude who leaked the Chinese Democracy tracks last week gets a visit from the FBI.

Sorta reminds me of the lyrics of one of those new songs:

Gonna call the President
Gonna call up the Private Eye
Gonna get the I.R.S.
Gonna need the F.B.I.

There’s not anymore that I can do
All the reasons that you give
I follow you
So when you lead them on,
Baby, every time,
It's true

Wouldn’t be the first time I've been wrong
Wouldn't be the last I'm sure I've known
Through all the rumors I can tell,
Some things didn't work so well

Well anyway, it feels the same

When you first told me you were gone
So long ago, but I feel it head on
Through all the emotions and having a fit
And that's the truth and here's the worst yet
Wouldn't even matter the things that I say
You made your mind up and are gone anyway
There's no use now in dragging it on
Should've seen it coming all along

Well it’s true... ooh
I had
My doubts of you

Gonna call the President
Gonna call myself a Private Eye
Gonna get the I.R.S.

Gonna need the F.B.I.

Gonna make this a federal case
Gonna wave it right down in your face
Read it daily with your morning news
With a sweet hangover, and the headlines true now

I feel your doing this all for my health
I should've looked again then at somebody else
Feel like I done way more than wrong
Feelin' like I'm living inside of this song
Feelin like I'm just too tired to care
Feelin like I done more than my share
Could it be the weight that I've carried on
Like a broken record for so long

And I do
Ooh, oh
I'm gonna call the President,
I'm gonna call a private eye
Gonna get the I.R.S.,
Gonna need myself the F.B.I.

Ooh, what shall I do
If I gave my heart to you
It's such a crime you know it’s true

Gonna call the president
Gonna get myself a private eye
Gonna need the I.R.S.
Gonna get the F.B.I.

Gonna make it a federal case
Gonna wave it right down in your face
Read it daily with your morning news
With a sweet hangover, and the headlines true

There's not anymore that I can do

Freelance Job Lead

A new website, FlawLes is looking to hire lesbian and female bisexual freelance writers.

"We are an online and print publication, looking to diversify our content online and eventually in print. We are interested in capturing the essence of the "modern-day" lesbian which includes women of all ages, types and backgrounds. Please visit our site at FlawLes.com to learn more about us.

It is our mission to inspire the expectation and status of the modern-day Lesbian. Because Lifestyle and Entertainment are an integral part of the Lesbian community, we believe that it's time to ask for more. FlawLes.com provides a place for women to connect, to learn, to thrive and to appreciate the community that brings us together. Our goal is to promote the businesses, individuals and overall elements that women willingly support. We are strong in our dedication to bring you the things that pique your interests, or the curiosities you have yet to explore...Lesbians are FlawLes.com."

There is contact information on the site. I have no idea what they are willing to pay.

Spiderman Sex

I was reading the best blog on Nerve today and realized that many people don't know what Spiderman Sex is.

A Spiderman is when you are having sex with a woman doggy style.

Right before you are about to cum, you pull out and spit on her ass, so she thinks you've cum there.

In actuality you've cum in your hand. Then you wait until she turns her head to look at you and fling the web of cum into her face and scream "Spiderman!"

It's almost as fun as the Chocolate Bronco.

That's when you are doing it doggy style and switch holes without warning. Then you grab her hips and try to hold on while she angrily tries to buck you off.


Meme Of The Day

The Live Journal Darkroom Orgy.

The deal is you go to the link and post a comment saying "hi." People are then allowed to anonymously tell you they think you are hot and explain what they fantasize about doing with you.

You can then go through the list of people who've said "hi" and annoymously tell the people that you like that you like them and any fantasies you have of them.

The link is work safe (it's full of dirty words but no images.)

On the off chance anyone is interested, I'm on Page 7.

80s Band Reference

It sounds quiet to me but Hippy IT Boy just called to tell me there are riots in the street!

I'm signing off to go check it out.

Nothing I like better than the smell of tear gas in the early afternoon!