June 24th, 2008

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Part Two

Rome Girl and I finished Season One of The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl tonight

We both agree that it's an awesome show, but also agree that it's only spectacular because of Billie Piper.

If almost anyone else was cast in that role it would quickly become very, very annoying. Imagine Ellen Pompano or Eva Langoria, or really any American television actress in this role.

It simply wouldn't work.

Part of it is that the camera loves Piper. But it's also that she's an amazing actress who is able to convey several complex different emotions honestly in a matter of seconds. There is something very real about the way she plays both "Belle" and "Hannah."

She's not quirky, she's not overtly sexy. She's funny, but not in an annoying intentional way. She's also vulnerable, but not in a Meredith Grey way.

And she makes you believe in the very hard choice she makes at the end of the last episode.

During the course of my life and job I've known a few real life call girls and the Belle/Hannah character is more like them in real life than any call girl I've ever seen portrayed on screen.

It's a shame each season is only eight episodes long. But I can't wait until September for Season Two.

Freelance Job Boards Conundrum

Project Description:

I need an e-book on cruising.

This this is hard to bid on. Rome Girl is a travel writer. If they want articles on cruises I can bid and send her samples off.

I write lots of gay erotica and gay sex tourism guides. If they want articles on that kind of cruising, I can bid and send lots of my samples off.

But, if we just guess and send the wrong samples, the client will either think we are square idiots or total perves.

Google Trends For Pussy, Cock, Ass And Feltching

People in India and New Zealand are much more likely to type the word breasts into Google than people from the United States.

Meanwhile, it's people in South Africa who like to type the word pussy into Google.

And more people are Googling for cock in the UK, particularly in Birmingham, than in the United States. Not as much, however, as those dirty Kiwis.

That said, Americans are more likely to search for ass than people in any other country. They also lead the pack of people looking for pussy eating.

On the other hand there seemed to be a lot of people interested in cock sucking in Australia.

Americans lead the pack in ass eating but the UK has all the peeps looking for feltching.

South Africans must love golden showers.

Last, but certainly not least, it's India that wants to know all about female cumming.