June 23rd, 2008

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl

Last night Rome Girl and I started watching Secret Diary Of A Call Girl.

It features Billie Piper, who is a lot like Clair Danes if Clair Danes was either:

1. British
2. Sexually attractive

We've only seen Episode One and Episode Three because for some reason there are no seeds on Episode Two.

So far there are parts of it I love and parts of it I could do without.

1. Billie Piper is an amazing actress. She manages to portray both the "normal" life of this girl and the "call girl" life with equal realism. She seems like a complete human being, which is rare for the portrayal of escorts in movies and television. Usually they are either Happy Hooker cartoon characters or else professional victims. She isn't. She's just human.

2. I like that she's allowed to enjoy sex, even with clients. I think the idea that call girls never enjoy getting laid on the job is sorta naive. Sure, I bet there are a lot of guys they would rather not fuck, but I also bet they have fun from time to time.

3. It's also great that they portray her as a very empowered woman and let her take advantage of her clients.

4. When she realizes she can't see the one client again because he actually likes the real her, it's a perfect television moment.

5. Both episodes had a pointless montage about two thirds of the way through the episode. Given that the episodes are only 20 minutes long, I hope they cut that out.

6. I want to see more of her life when she's not working.

7. It's also perfect that she explains her job so matter of factly without trying to be all quirky or Sex and the City about it.

8. The running theme that the worst risk in her job is boredom, not abuse, is interesting. I'm looking to see where they go with it.