June 22nd, 2008

I'm Just Saying

The ads that come up on my journal today are for:

"Crankshaft Machining"

"Meet Bulgarian Women"


"Discover Love Without Sex."

Clearly the Google Adsense gods don't understand me at all.

Deep Thoughts

You know what's always bugged me?

How come only Julius and Augustus got months named after them?

Seriously. Like, they weren't the only dudes.

Wouldn't you rather go back to school the second Monday during Claudius rather than in "Month Seven, which isn't even the seventh fucking month?"

Then you could have Halloween on the 31st of Nero and do Thanksgiving during Caligula.

I know I'd love to celebrate Christmas during Tiberius.

Bad Pun

The Seattle Bear Pride event makes it clear that even older bears are welcome.

So, this is how I'm describing it:

"Even if you are gray, you'll still get to feel some anatomy."


Son Of Scarface

In doing my research of Gay Bear Events today I discovered that one of the most sought after dudes on the Bear Scene is Christopher Knight.

Why is he so popular you may ask?

The dude is both a bear (though not that hairy) and Al Capone's granson!

Holy mother of fuck is that cool!

The link above is to his blog where he talks about his father, grandfather and being the gay descendant of one of the most notorious figures in history.