June 21st, 2008

Fete De La Musique!

It's Fete De La Musique ce soir la and I'm psyched.

This is my favorite night of the year in France. All of the streets are filled with different musicians ranging from classical to jazz to hard rock.

Obviously we'll make the Vert Anglais our home base, but we'll wander all around the city just jamming.

I hope you like jamming too!

Technical Help Firefox 3

Ever since I installed Firefox 3, my computer kept freezing because CPU usage would jump to 100 percent after about a hour of use.

So, I searched the Internet far and wide and found out that Firefox 3 has "issues" with Flash.

I downloaded Flashblock and it seems to be running a bit better.

It speeded up even more when I went to Tool-Options-Security and unclicked "tell me if the site I'm visiting is a suspected forgery."

Apparently, Firfox 3 eats a ton of memory trying to match the site you have gone to against their database of bad sites.

Just figured I'd pass these tips on in case anyone else was having problems.