June 20th, 2008

They Live

"The phrase you are looking for is 'vin blanc," I said to my mother on the phone today.

Their flight got in around 10 a.m. but their hotel would not let them check in until 2 p.m. so they decided to walk over to St. Germain and get lunch and call me.

During the phone call I could hear her say "Char-don-ay! Char-don-ay!" to their obviously confused waiter - which is when I decided that a French lesson might be in order.

I don't know if you've ever noticed this but there is a certain type of American who thinks "Chardonnay" is a synonym for "white wine." Not that I'm related to that type of person.

They seem in good spirits and said their flight was "luxurious."

Luckily my dad drinks beer and vodka, which are both French/English homonyms.

Like A Bird That Flew

"The only thing I know how to do is keep on keeping on."

Rome Girl comes home tonight. Yesterday Hippy IT Boy sold his car and was flush with cash and bought food, beer and other things for all of us. It essentially became a party to celebrate my woman coming home (and a wake, because everyone knows I'll be spending more time at home and less time hanging out drinking now.)

The elder half of Woody Allen Film Reference was out. We spent a lot of time teasing her because apparently her boyfriend is going to come to the bar next week. This is a big deal because many of us are not convinced she has a boyfriend. For example, I've known her for six years and have never seen the dude.

"George! George Glass!" (10 points to anyone who gets that reference.)

We all drank more than we should have and my head hurts today but it was worth it. Blond lesbian was in fine form and even The Iceman (who has been grumpy lately) seemed to have a good time.

My shrink session went well yesterday. She's still convinced I've made a lot of progress. As are my friends when I bring this up. I hope they are right and that the Scary Medication Reduction will go well.

For me this week has sort of felt like a holding pattern. I've had fun, but I know that with Rome Girl coming home and my parents soon to visit that there are waves waiting to crash.

But, whatever, "We always did feel the same but just saw it from a different point of view."

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

I am looking for someone to assist and manage my online dating profile, currently match.com

It is going to sound crazy. I am super busy at work and spending hours writing online profile every day is taking a toll on me. I need to find some one to manage my online dating profile and correspondences.

No fake messages or lies!

Here is how I envisioned:

1st hour: We can communicate via phone or email. I will tell you about myself and you get to know the type of person I am. I will send you a page or two of text that describes what I do and what I like, along with pictures and videos. I would also specify what I am looking for in my date.

Then I will give you my match.com account. You can help revise my profile but mostly I would like you to write short emails to my potential matches. Basically one or two paragraph for each person, highlighting the part of her profile that matched mine and highlighting what I do that can be interesting to her. Rewording what I wrote before. (Or if you have better ideas, I will listen to it too.)

Once someone replied, I will take over the conversation. I will cover your hours and pay extra $20 for each reply! – So please write emails well – say 4 emails in one hour and 2 replied. That will be $50 for the hour.