June 19th, 2008

Freelance Life

I was talking with Ed Ward last night about clients and how they can take a while to come back with revisions and questions. I noted that it didn't bother me that much, since I always get a deposit upfront, but I like it when they reply quickly because it meant that I got my final payment sooner.

He noted that he's almost never gotten a deposit on a job and was surprised I was able to talk clients into paying them.

It made me wonder how it is for other freelancers. Am I an odd duck?

What I usually do is ask for 50 percent up front and the balance when the job is done. If it's a big job (more than $1,000) I ask for 25 percent up front and 25 percent when I deliver the first draft and the balance upon completion.

How does it work for you guys when you freelance?

Getting Ready

My parents fly to Paris tonight. They don't get here until June 30.

My dad was online with me last night and fretting about money and the euro and stuff so I offered to have them eat at our place one night when they are here.

Apparently this is the type of invitation you should clear with your wife/girlfriend before you you make it.

After realizing that I'd angered ma femme, I sent another email saying that maybe rather then dinner we could do a lunch thing with bread and cheese and sausage. That seemed to calm down the savage beast.

My dad is being sort of a weird egg on the whole thing. He used to live in Paris and studied at the Sorbonne, but he's asking me questions like "how much do I tip?" How do you live in a city for years and not figure that shit out?

He also wanted advice on what types of people to avoid and pickpockets. I gave the standard lecture about the area around Monmartre and the Louvre subway stop and then told him not to stand around in cargo shorts looking at maps on street corners. Finally I explained which people to avoid in the least racist terms possible. (That lady wearing clothes that make her look like something out of a Bram Stoker novel - best to avoid. If you are in a neighborhood and suddenly see graffiti reading "Vive Bin Laden" you might consider going to a different neighborhood.)

Now I just have to sit back and wait until they get to Montpellier and my very homophobic step mom gets to meet some of my saphic friends.

What's In A Name

Two weeks ago when I was researching the femdom job I kept running across sites that talked about CBT - meaning "cock and ball torture."

Today I'm doing research for a site that will help people recover from social anxiety disorder. In doing the research I keep coming across sites that talk about CBT - but this time they mean cognitive behavioral therapy.

It makes me giggle every time I see it.