June 15th, 2008


When I went to the tabac that's open on Sundays this morning I bought two packs of cigarettes and gave the dude a 20 euro note.

He gave me 18 euros in change.

Usually I'd say something, but the dudes at this tabac are way rude. Plus, about a year ago I gave the dude a 20 and he only gave me change for a 10. When I insisted I'd given him a 20 he told me this was "pas possible."

So, I sorta figure like I'm getting interest on a loan.

Sunday Night

Rome Girl and I had an awesome weekend. She didn't leave the apartment once. I only left to stock up on food and cigarettes.

We fooled around, ate pasta, listened to music, got work done and paid attention to the cat. We also watched Vantage Point and Live Free or Die Hard (Uncensored Version.)

Tomorrow she's off to Spain for a four day on site freelance job and then she comes back on Friday and will be here for a while.