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June 13th, 2008

That Oh So Fresh Feeling

Two hours until Rome Girl comes home and I think the apartment is as clean as I can get it.

It's not gay clean or girl clean, but it doesn't smell and my feet don't stick to the floor.

The toilet and tub sparkle and the dishes are put away. I mopped the floors, cleaned the ashtrays and dismantled the Tower Of Empty Coke Cans Cat Toy (something I recommend to any cat owner.)

Onward, forward, to battle.

Odd Fetish

Salmon Henti Porn.

Almost safe for work. It's porn for people who get off on drawings of salmon having sex with each other.

Rome Girl's Return

1. We are way broke but way happy.

2. The new boxers she bought me are soft and comfy.

3. Breasts!!!!! And nether regions! Oh my!

4. The cat is avoiding her.

5. We made pasta and watched Vantage Point.

6. She brought a copy of Newsweek with a weird story about a woman who can remember every single day of her life since she was like 8.

7. She said that she loves that I tried really hard at cleaning the apartment but, "you are just bad at it."

8. Black panties with pink trim = awesome.

9. While in Rome she saw episodes of Sex and the City for the first time. She thinks it my be the worst show ever. The only character she likes is the blond.

10. It was nice to have her iPod back. I really missed listening to the Foo Fighters. They constantly make me wonder why depressed singer boy was considered the real talent in a certain popular 90s band. "The Best of You" and "Everlong" blow away any Nirvana track.


Overheard at the English language book store in Montpellier yesterday:

"Hey, this book is in English!"

I wish I'd had the presence of mind to reply "Yes, as is each and every one of the other 20,000 books in this store!"

Manson Madness

Susan Atkins may be the first Manson family killer released from prison.

She has cancer and has been given six months to live. She's asking for "compassionate release" and may get it.

What's your thoughts:

1. She's 60, has only one leg and is dying - what's the harm?

2. Fuck this. All those scumbags should die in prison.

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