June 11th, 2008

The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

The residents of Lesbos have started a lawsuit in an attempt to ban women who love women from calling themselves "Lesbians."

"We are very upset that, worldwide, women who like women have appropriated the name of our island," said Dimitris Lambrou, a magazine publisher who is one of those bringing the complaint with other islanders. "Until 1924, according to the Oxford English dictionary, a Lesbian was a native of our isle," he said. "Now, because of its new connotations, our womenfolk are unable to call themselves such and that is wrong."


Notes On The Night

1. My cat seems confused and annoyed that I stayed in and didn't go out at all tonight. I wonder what she likes to do when I'm gone?

2. It's nice that my friends called me when I didn't go out to the bar tonight to make sure I was OK and say they missed me.

3. I've finished reading one book tonight already and am about to start another.

4. Rome Girl bought her ticket and will be home Friday.

5. I have a shitload of cleaning to do in the apartment tomorrow.