June 9th, 2008

CGI Porn

Susie Bright has an interesting column on computer generated porn.

The deal is this:

1. Sexualized images of actual children are illegal.

2. Computer generated sexulized images of children are not.

This means that when the FBI finds what appears to be child pornography they now have to analyze it to make sure there is an actual human being in the image or film.

So far, they are able to do it - but the technology is getting better and better all the time, which means eventually fake porn may be indistinguishable from real porn.

At that point it will become hard as hell to prosecute anyone with illegal porn, because they'll always argue that they assumed it was CGI.

The Return Of Rome Girl

Either tomorrow or Wednesday (whenever my slow ass bank clears checks from the weekend) Rome Girl will buy her ticket back here from Rome!

We don't know the exact date she'll be back yet, but probably either Thursday or Friday.

She'll be home for about a week and then has to fly out for an onsite job in Malaga for a week.

Then, she'll be home until her next Rome Trip in the Fall or Winter.