June 8th, 2008

Montpellier Gay Pride Wrap Up

If I'm this hungover it must have been Gay Pride in Montpellier yesterday.


The highlights of the day:

1. The gorgeous blond lesbian taking her top off in the middle of the Place de la Comedie while thousands of people cheered her on.

2. The boys on the Heaven float wearing nothing but G-strings and pink cowboy hats.

3. The dudes on the competing float wearing tight white sequined boxers and sailor hats.

4. The leather lesbians with giant water pistols filled with vodka that they were spraying in the faces of any cute girl who walked by.

5. Getting worried about Hippy IT Boy when Miss Darling, Blond Lesbian and I dragged him to to local gay bar and his disappeared into the toilet for 15 minutes. Miss Darling eventually sent me to "save him" in case he was so drunk that he was letting one of the transvestites blow him. Turns out he was just taking a shit.

6. Dykes on Bikes. Dykes on Bikes are always one of my favorite Pride day things.


Knocked Up

I'm not sure what is so hot about impregnation erotica but I can tell you that some of the stories on this site are way fucking hot.

It's weird because you'd think that making babies would be the least erotic and most vanilla of all porn possibilities, but these writers prove that assumption wrong.


For some reason all of the ads on Live Journal and AOL and Google today are in Spanish.

I wonder if I really want "El Plan Sencillamente Todo."

Also why is Sprint "mas alla."

Plate Of Shrimp

Five points to the first person who gets my headline reference.

Anyway tonight I was at the Vert Anglais and heard a familiar accent so I said "Dude, where are you from?"

Turned out the guy went to my high school in New Jersey. He's six years older than me so I didn't know him back in the day, but still.

Also his business partner's ex husband used to work for my step mom.

He was like "Do you know Mike Raferty?"

I was like "Shit, Mike Raferty was at my fucking wedding!"

What a fucking plate of shrimp!